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Congratulations! The Royals are sending pizzas to the Chicago Cubs front office

Chicago-style pizza.
Chicago-style pizza.

It’s a tradition like no other. OK, maybe not at the level of The Masters, but this is certainly very cool.

After the Royals won last year’s World Series, the San Francisco Giants sent 25 pizzas to the Royals. The Giants were the defending World Series champions and they had received pizzas the year before from the Boston Red Sox, who won the title in 2013.

So the Royals are paying it forward.

Toby Cook, the Royals’ vice president of publicity said the team sent Giordano’s deep dish pizza to the Cubs front office. It’ll be deep dish, naturally. Cook said the pizza feast will be enough to feed 150 people, but wasn’t sure how many pizzas that will be.

“It’s a really nice touch for the team that won it all the year before to send it to those folks who worked so hard,” Cook said.

A member of the Royals’ corporate partnership department previously worked for the Cubs and was able to set the whole thing up.

By the way, there is a funny story about the pizzas that the Giants sent to the Royals last year.

“Somehow the word didn’t get to us and so they sent a bunch of pizzas and we were all out doing parade prep that day,” Cook said. “So it ended up a lot of part-time folks ended up getting a free lunch that day.”

While every franchise has the same goal of winning the World Series, the teams will help each other out.

“When the Giants won in 2014,” Cook said, “we kept the Diamond Club open for several hours afterward so they could celebrate and then when we won it the next year, the Mets opened up their version of the Diamond Club ... for our players.”

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