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‘Catching Kelce’ recap: pampering, partying and a drama-filled elimination

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce resumed his journey to find love this week by enlisting the help of a crew of massage therapists and nail technicians.

The eight remaining women vying for Kelce’s heart received complimentary massages and manicures from the professionals, and don’t think for a minute Kelce didn’t get in on the action.

“I don’t even know what’s happening right now,” Kelce said, as he admitted he was receiving his first nail treatment.

The peace and relaxation of the pampering is quickly interrupted, however, by the topic of Maya’s relationships with the other women in the house.

Kelce questions Maya about the drama that seems to follow her, and she plays it off as jealousy.

“Her confidence has gotten a little too high and it’s getting kind of arrogant,” Kelce said.

When the women confront Maya about her attitude, she claims she was misunderstood.

“I made a statement that got miconscrewed,” Maya said.

(That was not a typo, by the way — she literally said “mis-con-screwed.” You can’t make this stuff up. )

At the end of the day date, Kelce asks Ceecee and Victoria to accompany him to his “boy’s studio.” The women pick Avery and Veronica to accompany them, and the girls sip champagne on the way to the group outing.

The women arrive at Party Rock Mansion, home to LMFAO’s Redfoo and a ton of loud music and liquor. The women change into neon-colored outfits as the mansion turns into one big dance party of scantily-clad women with red solo cups.

“This is the coolest experience in the entire world,” said Victoria, who apparently has never attended a college fraternity party.

Throughout the date, Ceecee raps in Redfoo’s studio, Kelce tells Victoria her outfit resembles cream spinach, and Avery manages to share an intimate moment with the Chiefs player.

“She’s so fun,” Kelce said. “I just want her to be like that all the time.”

Kelce picks Avery to go on the VIP date, where the two canoodle by a romantic lookout on Mulholland Drive.

Back at the house, the two-minute warning sounds and Maya, Lexi, Victoria and Loreina are listed on the elimination lineup. At the elimination, Victoria interrupts Kelce to remove herself from the competition, claimed the two are better off as friends.

“I feel like this is what’s right,” she said. “It’s time for this to end.”

Kelce responds with surprise, but says he’d be happy to grab a beer with her if he’s ever in Rhode Island.

“As long as she doesn’t bring up the Patriots, it’s fine,” Kelce said.

Kelce decides to give Lexi and Maya another chance, and cuts Loreina from his team despite her protest that she’s a better choice than Maya “because she’s always, like, frowning or sleeping.”

That leaves Kelce with six girls to choose from as his quest to find love continues.

Next week: Singer Jessica James Decker, wife of NFL wide receiver Eric Decker, makes an appearance, and someone is caught spending the night with Kelce. Dra-ma.

Melissa Graham,