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Catching Kelce recap: Belgian waffles, video games and a trip to Fox Sports 1

Belgian waffles, virtual video games and an interview on Fox Sports 1: This week’s episode of “Catching Kelce,” the E! reality show featuring Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, gave the women a glimpse of what life with Kelce is really like.

Kelce continued his quest to find love this week by surprising the nine remaining women with his cooking skills, which consisted of putting blueberries in a bowl.

“I feel like we have to wash them, right?” Kelce asks.

After the fruit has been cleaned and the Belgian waffles have been made, Kelce gets stolen away by Lexi from Georgia, who hopes to secure a date with him with one-on-one time. Unfortunately for her, Kelce was too distracted by her false eyelashes to pay attention.

“Those eyelashes, they chomp at you all day,” Kelce said.

Jamie Leigh from West Virginia encroaches on Kelce’s time with two women in the house, securing her position as the show’s stage-five clinger.

At the end of the brunch-themed date, Kelce picks Lexi and Loreina from California to go on a date with him. The chosen two then have to select two women to go along with them, which poses a dilemma to Loreina:

“Should I take Jamie Leigh who’s made out with him a couple of times, or should I pick Lauren who’s also made out with him everywhere?” she asks. Loreina chooses Jamie Leigh, and after much debate, Lexi picks Maya as her plus one.

The four women meet Kelce at House of Moves, an animation studio that produces video games. During their date, the women each star in their own themed game with Kelce, who has no trouble getting into character.

In the end, Maya’s ninja skills were impressive enough for Kelce to invite her on a VIP date. It’s not just any date though — it’s an invitation to tag along while Kelce promotes the show on Fox Sports 1’s “Jay and Dan.”

Maya proclaims that she feels like “the luckiest girl in the world,” while sitting in the dressing room, because nothing says “best day ever” like sitting on a worn leather couch by yourself for an hour.

Meanwhile, at the house, Lexi feels betrayed by her roommate and house BFF Maya and decides to switch rooms to establish her independence. When Maya finds out, she brushes it off but admits that the move hurt her.

But there’s no time for hurt feelings in “Catching Kelce,” because the two-minute drill has sounded and four women are on the chopping block. Lexi, Jamie Leigh, Loreina and Ceecee are all asked to visit Kelce’s house, where he will send one woman packing.

After Kelce quickly decides to keep Lexi and Ceecee, he grills Loreina about their connection. Her response?

“I had a dream, and you were like in a raft and you were naked,” which was reason enough for Kelce to keep her around. Jamie Leigh from West Virginia received the ax, and did not take it lightly. Her heartfelt words could barely be heard over her sobs as she bid farewell.

Next week: The women bust a move at a Party Rock Mansion dance party, and things with Maya get heated. Stay tuned.

Melissa Graham,