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Believe it! Royals met Bill Murray on Tuesday

Well, this is not something I expected to see on my Instagram feed today.

Royals infielder/outfielder Whit Merrifield posted a photo of himself with actor Bill Murray.


Got confirmation the "No one will believe you" story is legit

A photo posted by @whitmerrifield on

Perhaps you’re wondering about that confirmation from Merrifield. That comes from what some consider an urban myth: That after meeting with people usually in surprise settings, he will tell them: “No one will believe you.”

Well, it seems that Murray visited with the Royals on Tuesday night, along with his brother Brian Doyle-Murray, after the win against the Minnesota Twins. Manager Ned Yost talked about it on KCSP (610 AM) with Bob Fescoe.

“After the game, Brian and Bill came in the office and we had a really good time,” Yost told 610. “We just sat and laughed for about 20 minutes, 25 minutes and the boys were anxious to meet Bill, so he went into the locker room and I think everybody had a great time.”

There were no questions about “Caddyshack” or any of Murray’s movies.

“He was real interested in the game,” Yost said. “We talked about Wrigley Field, how much that has changed here in the last couple the years. Just basically talked baseball. You know, he’s a huge golfer and I’m not. Drew Butera came into the office and they got into the golf talk then.”

You can listen to more from Yost here.

There was no word on why the Murray boys visited, but Doyle-Murray’s wife is from Emporia, Kan., and he joked with The Star last year that he “married into the Royals.”

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