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Charlie Weis says he doesn’t plan to coach again

Former Kansas football coach Charlie Weis.
Former Kansas football coach Charlie Weis. The Associated Press

We may never see former Kansas football coach Charlie Weis patrolling the sidelines again.

Weis told the South Bend Tribune, “I think it’s highly doubtful that I will ever coach again.”

Weis, who also coached at Notre Dame and was Chiefs offensive coordinator for a year (and a stint at Florida), was fired by Kansas in September. When he was let go by KU, Weis still had two years remaining on his five-year, $12.5 million contract. He will receive the remainder of his contract, which at the time of his dismissal amounted to about $5.625 million, in monthly installments through December 2016.

In addition, he is still being paid by Notre Dame.

This is my favorite tweet about Weis:

That was in reference to the story of 56-year-old James Robertson who walks 21 miles round trip to his job.

Weis, 58, says he won’t miss the scrutiny of coaching, but he holds no hard feelings toward his former employers.

“I’m not mad at Notre Dame and I’m not mad at Kansas,” Weis told The Tribune. “I don’t have one regret about leaving the NFL to take the Notre Dame job. I just wish I could have lasted longer.”

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