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Rally Mantis has been released by the Royals

Rally Mantis Jr now has a new home.
Rally Mantis Jr now has a new home.

The last time the Royals played in Minnesota, their first Rally Mantis didn’t live long enough to make the ensuing trip to Detroit. The insect died on Aug. 12

But days later while playing the Tigers, the Royals found another praying mantis and Rally Mantis Jr. was a staple with the team as it caught fire, winning 18 of 22 at one stretch.

While I can verify that Junior was in the clubhouse as late as Saturday, the Royals’ little green friend has been set free. This is from Joel Goldberg of Fox Sports Kansas City:

Yes, that’s right, the Rally Mantis, whose presence spawned a Twitter account as well as the sales of praying mantis toys, masks and T-shirts, is no longer with the team.

That sounds simple, right? However, the Royals lost to the Tigers on Sunday, and there was this threat from a certain well-known mascot:

OK, that didn’t happen. But it is the end of a weird era in Royals baseball.

Fans wearing Rally Mantis masks gather in Section 427 at Kauffman Stadium

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