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Twitter Tuesday: Advice for a college grad, therapy for Royals fans, a translation from the Chiefs

The NFL Draft is nearly two weeks old and has already been talked about more than enough, including here, but it’s the NFL Draft so by the rules of the Internet you are required to be interested in the NFL Draft.

If you’re not, you can of course skip down. There are more than 3,000 words about massaging butts and other nonsense in here. Surely something will interest you.

But I do have one more thought about the Chiefs’ draft, and I say this while being absolutely certain this has been discussed in many places. As you may or may not know, it is my contention that if you take the value of your opinion of the draft and add it to the value of my opinion about the draft and multiply it by 200 you will come up with bupkis, because any number multiplied by bupkis equals bupkis.

But I do think you can follow thought processes with drafts, and with that in mind, the fact that the Chiefs went for a pass rusher with their first pick when they already have Justin Houston and Tamba Hali and more pressing needs speaks to a long-term approach and belief that this roster as currently constructed is more than a player or two away from the Super Bowl.

That interpretation would never make it from the mouth of a Chiefs official to the public consumption (not with a name attached to the quote, anyway) but I’m not sure you can present a logic case that this isn’t part of the thinking. That’s not what a lot of Chiefs fans want to hear, but it is the truth, and it’s also smart.

The Chiefs are up against the cap, with an aging roster, so they need to be able to plan for the future.

If this leadership group can’t get to the Super Bowl this year — and there’s really no scenario where the Chiefs get to the Super Bowl this year that doesn’t include a major Peyton Manning injury and several other breaks — then they need to give themselves the best chance a year from now or two years from now.

With Dee Ford, Phillip Gaines, Aaron Murray and the rest of the draft class, the Chiefs seemed to be taking a more long-term approach here. Sacrifice some instant gratification with some picks where you can take some more time, sort of pull the sling-shot back more for a harder shot down the road.

It’s not what Chiefs fans probably want to think in 2014, but by 2015 and beyond, they’ll be happy for it.

This week’s eating recommendation is the crab cake salad at Classic Cup, and the reading recommendation is Ann Killion on Jurgen Klinsmann’s future focus.

As always, thanks for the help and for reading.

There are no losers here, at the happiest place on the internet.

Not a stretch at all, mostly because those types of things are so hard to predict. James Shields and Yordano Ventura are capable of doing that on any given night, but you need so many things to go right, a combination of skill and having your best stuff and also some luck.

Honestly, none of us should be surprised if Ventura throws a no-hitter in the next year or so.

These things are incredibly precarious and temperamental, but yeah, that’s not so bad, right? And please keep in mind this is not a defense of the trade — I’ve said repeatedly that I think they gave up too much, but I understand and respect the motivations behind it — but this is part of what Dayton Inc. had in mind when they did it.

This thing was never going to work if the Royals didn’t start producing their own starting pitching, and the three you mention there are FAR from established, but that’s a pretty good start.

Not bad, Jeff. Not bad.

I’ve had my mom in town so I’ve been off since last Wednesday, but I thought the Moose interview was equal parts funny, immature and understandable.

We don’t hear about it anymore for obvious reasons, but I always enjoyed the jokes about Dayton’s mancrush on Jeff Francouer.

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