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Chiefs 24, Jets 10: Insta-reaction

The Kansas City Star

Weird game to take a lot from. The Jets are horrendous. This is probably as close to playing the 2012 Chiefs as the 2014 Chiefs can get. But beating bad teams by 14 points is part of what good teams do. Keep losing teams losing, like Dick Vermeil always said. The important thing is the Chiefs are 5-3 at the halfway point, so to make the playoffs probably need to find five wins somewhere in here: at Buffalo, vs. Seattle, at Oakland, vs. Denver, at Arizona, vs. Oakland, at Pittsburgh and vs. San Diego. Seems doable.

Alex Smith, again, was very good. He was so bad in the season opener against the Titans, but it's worth noting that he completed 125 of 180 passes for eight touchdowns and just one interception in the six games after, and now 21 of 31 passes for two touchdowns and no interceptions against the Jets. I mentioned this the other day, but it's especially impressive doing this with a horrific group of receivers and offensive line he can't always count on.

He was helped out with some nice catches from that group of receivers we always bash on, though, which is worth pointing out. Sort of. Still in desperate need

Justin Houston continues to play like a man who wants to get paid. A lot. We've talked a lot about the Tamba contract being a comp for Houston, but the price is going up.

The Chiefs' first drive was as impressive as they've been this year. Twelve plays, 50 yards on the ground, a mixture of efficient passing and creative play-calling (thinking specifically of De'Anthony Thomas around the right end for a big gain) that essentially shoved the ball down the Jets' throats for 81 yards and a touchdown.

We have to talk about the Butt Touchdown. Has that ever happened? I'm sure someone will point out that it has, but let's review: Anthony Fasano falls down trying to block in a play-action pass, Alex Smith tries to throw the Chiefs' first touchdown of the year for a wide receiver, it's deflected, and by absolute blind luck falls to Fasano, who's on his hind parts, untouched, and then just sort of lunges into the end zone for a touchdown. The Jets are a rotten team, and that's the sort of thing that happens to rotten teams. The Chiefs of 2012 could relate.

Or, actually, the Chiefs of January 2014 when Andrew Luck scored a touchdown after a fumble bounced off a lineman's helmet. Sorry for the bad memory.

Phillip Gaines started over Marcus Cooper, and Ron Parker got some time at cornerback, too. The Jets' first touchdown was caught in front of Gaines, but I thought Gaines showed relatively well. But Parker seemed to struggle, so it's not like Cooper should expect to be benched forever.

De'Anthony Thomas continues to make a regular impact. All of us who called him a better version of Dexter McCluster – who the Chiefs coaches were excited to have – are seeing that turned into reality. He's just so fast, and has what scouts sometimes call great football speed, meaning he moves well in pads and doesn't slow down much when he cuts.

It deserves to be pointed out, though: he had some great blocking on the big kickoff return toward the end of the first half. #Toub'd.

Travis Kelce was wide open in the back of the end zone for that 12-yard touchdown catch, but it was a gorgeous pass by Alex Smith to drop it in there behind the linebacker, who was covering Anthony Fasano five or 10 yards in front.

We could talk about this after most any game, at least this season, but Jamaal Charles' brilliance is overshadowing some of the promise of Knile Davis. There was a third and one about midway through the third quarter where Charles wasn't even on the field. Sounds ridiculous, right? Your best player is off the field on a play like that? Except the Chiefs gave it to Davis around the left side, and they pick it up easily. Davis doesn't have the shiftiness of Charles, and needs to improve in the passing game as both a receiver and blocker, but he's better than a lot of teams' No. 1 running back.