Don't Kill The Mellinger

Replacing Joel Embiid, KU’s point guard problem, and Frank Haith’s problems

You saw where Joel Embiid will enter the NBA draft,

which really wasn’t a tough decision

, and often this is where a college program can spin its wheels a bit. It’s easy when you sign Andrew Wiggins, and everybody knows going in that he’s gone after a year. It’s harder when you sign Embiid, think he’ll be there two or three, but then the kid takes off so quick it’s only one.

Except with Kansas and especially Kansas with Self, things usually seem to work out just fine, and, hey, the No. 6 recruit in the country is

a 7-footer who may or may not have been waiting out Embiid’s decision

. The names change, but the story doesn’t.

If Myles Turner joins No. 2 recruit Cliff Alexander, the Jayhawks will be loaded with talent again. Wayne Selden will be better, Brannen Greene is better than a lot of people realize (at least on offense), and Perry Ellis will be back for his junior year.

But KU is still in desperate need for a point guard. The evolution of Naadir Tharpe was

a key to the entire season

for KU, and

we saw how that worked out

. Frank Mason and Conner Frankamp can play more as sophomores than they did as freshmen, but KU could use one more. Self’s best teams, for the most part, have had multiple ball-handlers on the floor at the same time. He’s tended to prefer two combo guards over one true point guard and, well, this is just speculation but there’s

an unsigned four-star combo guard at Tharpe’s old high school


Just so we’re all clear

, Mizzou regressed and underachieved for a second straight year under coach Frank Haith, showed all the symptoms of a poorly coached team, lose their two best players earlier than expected to the draft, had as many arrests as road conference wins, and now have

a former player filing an order of protection against a current player


Hell of a way to enter a hot-seat season for Haith, especially with a fan base largely hoping he fails.