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Colts 23, Chiefs 7: Insta-reaction about the stink

• Well, that was a steaming-pile-of-poo kind of effort by the Chiefs.

• And two weeks before the playoffs?

• Against the team they’ll probably play?

• The Chiefs got outplayed on both sides of the ball. There is mounting evidence that this defense — remember when it was so badass? — goes limp against good quarterbacks.

• The secondary is an enormous mess. Marcus Cooper was effectively benched, but then played more snaps at corner after Sean Smith kept getting beat and then complaining to the officials about the penalties was being fairly called for.

• And Dunta Robinson ate Donald Browns’ stiff-arm for about the last 10 yards of his long touchdown run.

• Alex Smith brought a terrific stretch of performances to a grinding, stinking halt. Whatever you think of Smith — and I’ve always been higher on him than most, I think — he undermines every strength with, for instance, another interception in the end zone.

• We all know that DKTM readers are the smartest readers around, so it’s nice that I can trust you all to not say stupid things like, "Well, the Chiefs and Colts are going to play in the playoffs anyway, so no way the coaches were going to tip their hands."

• I can trust you all on that, right?

• Because if not, we just got done with a week of the coaches and players talking about going all-out against the Colts for a game that still had division championship and playoff seeding expectations. Publicly and privately, people in the organization scoffed at the notion that they’d hold anything back today.

• Please tell me I can trust you on this.

• The Chiefs, for the first time this season, just got their tails whipped. This was a no-show. It doesn’t have to mean the result will be the same in two weeks at Indianapolis (if that’s the matchup) but it doesn’t mean anyone can be confident in them either.