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Chiefs score a gazillion points and beat Raiders: Insta-reaction

- That game was nuts.

- At one point, the Chiefs had 49 points and 304 yards of offense.

- That makes 167 points in the Chiefs’ last four games. Last year, they scored 211. Total.

- Now some reality: the offense isn’t moving the ball the way those numbers suggest. The Chiefs won’t get five turnovers against a team in the playoffs. Four of their touchdown drives were 49, 27, 16 and 11 yards. Another was scored by the defense.

- Also: I think we can all agree that if the goal is something beyond just getting into the playoffs, the defense has to get better. And that’s not something I expected to think, at any point this season.

- The Raiders had a season-high point total by the third quarter. They put up 560 yards against the sieve Eagles, or else their yardage today would’ve been a season high.

- This was a bad team the Chiefs played, and they gave up more than six yards per play. That can’t happen.

- They tarp off a whole bunch of seats here in what is, honestly, the worst stadium in both the NFL and major league baseball. Among other things, it helps the Raiders avoid blackouts. And if you can just tarp off a bunch of seats to avoid blackouts, that means your blackout rule is really stupid. Not that we didn’t already know the blackout rule is really stupid.

- Jamaal Charles is having an MVP-caliber year. He won’t win the award, because nobody’s beating out Peyton Manning, but his numbers are approaching historical levels.

- Makes me think of what Brandon Flowers told me for

this column

, in which I argued the Chiefs should stop riding Charles like a rented mule:

"He’s so fast, people try to look at him like a track guy, like some other backs in the league. But he grounds and pounds and wears you down. He does it all in one. You don’t need thunder and lightning. You got both of them with J-Charles. He carries this team, man. He carries this team."

- I still say the Chiefs could lighten up on Charles, but hey, it’s working.

- Marcus Cooper got beat deep. Again.

- And got called for a hold on a touchdown drive.

- There’s enough from this game for you to be happy or worried. The offense is scoring, but they’re not diverse. The defense is giving up mounds of yardage, but they’re also getting turnovers.

- It’s fine, for now. But the Chiefs have two more games, each against a playoff-caliber team.