Don't Kill The Mellinger

Chiefs vs Broncos, Mizzou vs letdown, Kevin Seitzer is not Charley Lau, and the Andrew Wiggins moment you might’ve missed

You may or may not be into advanced metrics for the NFL, but I thought this was interesting:



ranks the Chiefs as the NFL’s best defense, by a pretty wide margin, and the Broncos 22nd. It also ranks the Broncos as the NFL’s best offense, by a pretty wide margin, and the Chiefs 22nd.


Pro Football Focus

ranks the Chiefs as the NFL’s best defense, by a pretty wide margin, and the Broncos 16th. It ranks the Broncos as the best offense, by a pretty wide margin, and the Chiefs 24th.


Football Outsiders

ranks the Chiefs as the NFL’s third-best defense, and the Broncos 18th. It ranks the Broncos as the best offense, and the Chiefs 16th.

Look, I think the Broncos are probably better. I would pick them on a neutral field. NFL rules are in the offense’s favor. Blah-blah-blah. But it’s not like there’s a HUGE difference here, at least statistically.

Really interested to see what Mizzou does on Saturday

. Last weekend against South Carolina was the kind of loss that can effect teams long-term, but Gary Pinkel and his players were quick and consistent with the message that they can and will bounce back.

I wrote this off the South Carolina game

, but Mizzou still has every possibility. They still lead the SEC East, and they surely would’ve taken that at the beginning of the season.

Kevin Seitzer was hired


the Blue Jays hitting coach

, which means another round of local exaggeration about his impact.

And, look, I’m not saying he’s a bad hitting coach. He’s a bright, energetic, passionate guy. Alcides Escobar had a good year with him. Mike Moustakas hit 20 home runs with him. Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur consistently credited Seitzer. I wish him all the success in the world.

But I also feel like context is being lost when people talk about him like he’s the Michael Jordan of hitting coaches. But he also was the hitting coach of a team that finished 12th in the American League in runs his last year. Eric Hosmer’s 2012 season was bad enough to be a fireable offense for any hitting coach.

Twenty-nine teams could’ve hired Seitzer last offseason, and the Diamondbacks fired him before he even finished a season. When the Royals went through that incompetent May, Seitzer’s public begging for the job was beneath him.

Again, I’m not saying he’s a bad hitting coach. The Royals finished 11th in runs this year, so firing him certainly wasn’t the answer.

But let’s hold off on anointing him Charley Lau 2.0.

Went to Lawrence for the basketball game on Tuesday

, mostly out of curiosity and because The Smokeshow was out of town. It’s so hard to see anything real this time of year from college basketball, but here’s what stood out:

- college basketball is going to be so choppy, especially early. I actually like what they’re doing with the rules. I think it’ll make for a prettier game in the long run, but an uglier one in the short-term, while players and officials adjust.


the Wiggins moment

people talked about was the ally-oop, but the more impressive moment came when he got the ball on the right wing and needed one dribble and to get into the lane, left hand above the rim, for an easy basket. The whole thing took, maybe, a second. I know it’s just Pitt State, but that’s the kind of move you don’t see much of in college, and the kind of move that’s going to make him unguardable at times.

- Joel Embiid is RAW.

You can see it in practice, too

, but it seemed amplified in a "game." He’s the kind of guy who might end up going pro a year too early because the NBA falls so in love with his raw talent. And he plays so hard.