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Chiefs 23, Browns 17: Insta-reaction

- These lucky SOBs.

- Eric Fisher had another rough go.

- The offensive line overall was fairly weak.

- Once again, the Chiefs dominated on third down. They converted 10 of 18 chances, and the Browns were just three for 12.

- The problems defensively, such as they were, came against the secondary. The Chiefs have had problems giving up big plays all year, particularly when the pass rush doesn’t wipe out plays on the front end.

- Sean Smith, especially, had some struggles. Interesting that the Chiefs made a switch, at least a few times, putting Marcus F. Cooper on Josh Gordon.

- Derrick Johnson played a monster game.

- I’ve always considered Dexter McCluster a sort of bellwether for this coaching staff. He’s got some poor-man’s-Bryant-Westrbook qualities, which always made him a good fit for Andy Reid. That was a terrific catch he made for the touchdown, and all things considered, this was his best offensive game in some time — even better than the Giants game.

- After a mostly excellent first half, Alex Smith was pretty bad in the second half. There isn’t much margin for error in the way he plays, but he missed some throws, missed some reads, really struggled to get anything going after halftime.

- Overall, a passing grade though. No interceptions, completed two out of every three passes. Add in the way he can make plays with his feet.

- Browns did a nice job getting to Smith in the second half. Used different blitzes, including a delay blitz that wiped out a third and long and forced a punt.

- Halfway through the season, and the Chiefs still haven’t given up more than 17 points.

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