Don't Kill The Mellinger

Chiefs insta-reactions

1. No major injuries. This is the most important thing.

2. No major injuries. This is also the second most important thing.

3. The offense has stunk most of the preseason, but that drive at the end of the first half was gorgeous. More on this in the column.

4. No turnovers forced by the defense.

I’m telling you

, this could be a problem.

5. The offensive line has to be better. Especially the interior of the offensive line.

6. Chances are that Chase Daniel will have to start for the Chiefs this season, and what we saw tonight, that shouldn’t be near the problem it’s been when backup quarterbacks have played in the past.

7. Dave Freaking Toub, huh?


8. Tamba Hali looked a step slow. Seemed like there were a few plays that he


made, most notably the one where Ben Roethlisberger scrambled around and extended a play that ended in a touchdown pass to Dwyer.

9. Alex Smith must read the paper. He threw a lot of balls to his wide receivers. All but four of his 17 completions went to receivers.

10. Bob Sutton’s much-discussed attacking style made a nice appearance when Tysyn Hartman and Eric Berry met at the quarterback on a blitz.

11. No major injuries. This is also the third most important thing.