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Twitter Tuesday: Is Hosmer fixed? Is Frenchy really gone? Are Royals good?

Short work-week and I’m trying to catch up on some long-term projects – I think you’ll like what we’ve got coming – so this may be the only time you hear from me this week.

If you’re over your hangover from the Jeff Francoeur-got-DFA’d party, I hope you read

Sunday’s column on Aaron Hernandez

, if you haven’t. There’s an important element to this that not enough people are talking about.

Anyway, you guys covered most everything we need to get to this week in the questions so let’s cut with the throat-clearing. This week’s reading recommendation is my friend Jeff Passan on

Yasiel Puig’s time aboard a U.S. Coast Guard ship

. The eating recommendation is the chocolate flake fromage at



As always, thanks for your help and for reading.

@ PhilGarver Do you (WE) get royalties from the explosion of people using # TwitterTuesday?

I used to be able to answer these types of questions with some smart-aleck remark about it being a free blog for all. But then they put up this paywall, and, well, I need to find a new joke.

@ kent_swanson O/U was set at 14.5 for # TT tweets saying something along the lines of "The Royals are 1-0 since Jeff Francoeur was released."

This was, to nobody’s surprise, the biggest topic this week. Francoeur's DFA and (almost certainly) pending release fired off celebrations in many corners of the Royals fan base. This was a long time coming, especially after they went to five outfielders. Francoeur became dead weight, David Lough is playing terrifically^, and the Royals are desperate for someone who can both play second base and hit big league pitching.

^ Fun fact: David Lough had as many hits, more doubles, the same number of home runs, AND more RBIs on Sunday than Francoeur had in the entire month of June. Also: Lough made 23 fewer outs.

I’m not making any predictions. I want to make that clear. But I will say this: if – IF – the Royals take off and make a run toward the top of the division, we’re going to look at the last few weeks as the catalyst.

@ ColeYoung what does a guy like Frenchy do during his 10 day window of being DFA'd? # twittertuesday

My guess is Frenchy is in the midst of a glorious 10-day stretch of sleeping in, eating bacon, sitting on his couch in boxers watching Judge Judy, and playing golf.

@ Speck60 Is it just coincidence that since Frenchy was DFA'd, I'm a much more pleasant person to be around? # TwitterTuesday

I don’t know you. But my guess is no.

@ RoyalsFreeOut Francoeur and Getz are gone. Hos and Moose are hitting. This is uncharted territory....who do I complain about now? # TT


@ froggiemlm now that Getz and frenchy are gone what do we complain about now?

I promise you

@ Gromacki16 With Francouer and Getz gone now, who are Royals fans supposed to hate?

I’m only including a fraction of these types of questions, but as long as we’re here

@ fightwookies4 With Getz and Frenchy gone, the most annoying thing in my life is your weekly # TT question grab. Let's have some fun? # PitbullSam

have I been unknowingly quoting Pit Bull and you guys haven’t told me until now? Not cool, you guys. I thought we were all friends.

But to answer those previous questions: Wade Davis. You will now transfer your hate to Wade Davis.

@ JHirst941 Ideas to replace Frenchy Quarter: The Country Breakfast Club, The LorenZone, The EscoBar, Friends in Lough Places

I really like “Friends in Lough Places.” Or, at least, I did until I saw this:

@ KALCanDoIt since the French Quarters has been shut down, I suggest a replacement about "The Lough Rents"

Kal’s the big winner this week.

You know, we talk a lot about how the baseball season is such a grind, day after day after road trip after hotel room of grind. Early work, then the cage, then stretch, then BP, then taking ground balls, then studying video, then a game, then weights and then the whole thing again the next day. It really can be a brutal grind.

But it’s also a wild roller coaster. Already this season, the Royals have been a national curiosity in first place, then left for dead after that 4-19, and now a rejuvenation that leaves them somewhere in the middle, nobody quite sure what we’ve got here.

They’re 4 ½ back of the first-place Indians, with whom they begin a three-game series tonight. This is the start of what looks like an especially important stretch: 20 straight against teams that are above .500, including nine against the two teams ahead of them in the division.

^ The Smokeshow and I are headed out, say Hi.

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the Royals are a buyer or a seller this year, and, well, I think we’ll have our answer in 20 games. So much of it depends on

@ troyboy6_11 is this the Eric hosmer we should expect for the rest of the year?

and that depends on what you mean, exactly. Since June 1, Hosmer has been a star: .303 with a .347 on-base and .541 slugging percentage, six doubles, a triple, six homers and 17 RBIs in 27 games. If you’re into such things, his batting average on balls in play suggests this isn’t a stretch of particularly good luck.

But to expect that the rest of the season? I don’t know, maybe. I think the more relevant question is here:

@ Password_isTaco Do you think that Eric Hosmer's recent surge is a mirage or do you think he's actually turned his career around? # TwitterTuesday

And in this context, I’m probably more optimistic than I should be based on his career numbers. It’s just that Hosmer has always had loads of talent – you don’t need to be a scout to see that. And if you’ve watched him over the last month, you can see a change: he’s getting the barrel ahead, his arms extended, driving the ball much more to right field.

So I definitely don’t think it’s a mirage. Wouldn’t be the first or last time I’m wrong, of course, but I’m cautiously optimistic here.

Which, of course, brings up another point:

@ ojohnson1 When can we just crown George Brett as king of KC? I'm asking for a friend.

1985, my man. 1985.

@ adamdb12 Thanks for the chicken Zman recommendation! New fav. What is your way to early prediction for # kstate FB this fall? Bowl bound?

My pleasure. And I have to pause for some self-congratulatory blasphemy: this weekend, with the help of My Favorite Reader Evan, I smoked some pulled pork that I’d put right up there with Oklahoma Joe’s.

But to answer your question: 9-3. They should win all three of their non-conference games, and the Big 12 – to me, anyway – is wide open. I know Texas is getting a lot of hype, but it’s just impossible for me to not think of that as Texas Hype. Their quarterback is still David Ash, right?

I don’t know. K-State, more even than most schools, is quarterback-centric. If Bill Snyder has a quarterback he trusts, this could be a 10-2 or 11-1 type of situation. If not, it could be 6-6.

But like with most things, I trust Bill.

And speaking of over-unders

@ Fritolayman Chiefs training camp is around the corner! Over or under 10 wins for the season?

Let me pause for a second to say it feels weird that training camp will start this month. Seems like last week that we were screaming about Pioli and Romeo. Anyway under. And decidedly so.

The Vegas over-under – at least the last one I saw – is seven. That’s a fair number, I think. I tend to think of this as a seven- or eight-win team. They’d need a lot of things to go right to get above that.

They had WAY too much talent to go 2-14 last year. I think we all agree on that. But I think when some people harp on that point, it gets exaggerated, like this was somehow a 12-win team that just got sabotaged by

the GM’s amazing insecurity

and the head coach’s incompetence. They’ve replaced an awful head coach and quarterback with competence, and that’s a big part of the fix here. But let’s not get carried away. There’s a lot of distance between 2-14 and the playoffs.

@ lostblend isn't it time to give Sixth Glass some Twitter Tuesday love?

I gotta tell you: I don’t love it. It’s fine, don’t get me wrong. But there’s too much great beer out there to drink a specialty beer that isn’t AWESOME. You know what’s great, and a similar style to the Sixth Glass?

St. Bernardus Abt 12.

Had it for the first time in the Phoenix airport, of all places, and it’s amazing.

@ ColeYoung who sends you the most annoying # twitterTuesday questions? My early money is on @ speck60 just based on pure volume.

I love all my children.

@ TheGuilfoiLucas if your aunt had balls would she be your uncle? AND best place Sam likes to eat on plaza?

Depends on the type of balls, I guess, and: Gram and Dun, Classic Cup, Blanc, Coal Vines – say hi to Zach if you go in! – and Granfalloon (pulled pork nachos mmm).

I must pause a minute to acknowledge the existence of Potbelly. I love Potbelly. Have for years. When the prices and times are the same, I’ve actually chosen layovers in Chicago so I can have the Wreck. But I’m conflicted about Potbelly moving in. I like Planet Sub better. And the one on Main is so close. I’m on Team Mega Roast Beef, but this is a battle I’ll have to keep fighting.

@ ADrovetta One time I got really baked and thought my phone screen was changing. What's your favorite lake?

I think you’re still baked.

@ tijuana_gringo cdot is too cool to answer: based on track record, where does reid fit in w all time chiefs coaches? # tt

Since you’re asking about where Reid fits, I assume we’re taking into account the coaches’ entire careers – not just the parts in Kansas City.

In that case, he has to be behind Hank Stram, Marv Levy and Dick Vermeil. Can’t be much debate about that. Stram is a Hall of Famer who won two AFL titles and a Super Bowl. Vermeil won a Super Bowl with the Greatest Show on Turf Rams, and coached in another one with the Eagles. Levy is also a Hall of Famer who coached in four Super Bowls.

And then you have some bad coaches – or, at least, coaches with bad records. Romeo Crennel really might be one of the worst 10 head coaches in the modern NFL. He’s a little like Gunther Cunningham in that as a head coach, he made for a good defensive coordinator. Todd Haley won a division title, but c’mon. Herm Edwards is, well, animated. Frank Gansz, John Mackovic and Paul Wiggin have now been mentioned more than they need to here.

So, really, we’re talking about Reid vs. Marty. Reid is 130-93-1 in 14 years, with one NFC title and three runner-up finishes. Marty is 200-126-1 in 26 years with eight division titles but no conference championships. You can make a good case either way here, I suppose, but I’m sliding Reid in behind Marty because I’m biased toward guys who’ve done it in different places. Marty won at least two division titles in three of the four cities he coached or, if you prefer: in every city where he wasn’t working for Dan Snyder.

Reid can change the arithmetic here in Kansas City, obviously.

@ cdotharrison Can I still get a Twitter Tuesday question in? Are you a fireworks guy?

Eh. Not really. I mean, I’m not anti-fireworks. There’s a show down the street from us tomorrow night that we might walk over to, but it’s just as likely we’ll catch up on Boardwalk Empire. One thing I keep thinking about is how nervous fireworks will make me when I have a kid old enough to light a match

@ KaloPhoenix Zusi helps lead the USMNT to 4 straight wins, signs a new contract with SKC, and is nominated for an ESPY. Birth of a KC legend?

Honest question: is Preki a Kansas City legend?

I don’t know the answer to that. Sporting has a much higher profile than the Wizards (or Wiz) ever dreamed, and Zusi may very well accomplish more than Preki did in his career.

I mean, right now Zusi is on his way to stardom. And as he becomes better known – we’ll have something here on the blog soon – people will see he’s an easy guy to root for. This could be the beginning, absolutely, but let’s let it play out.

@ midwestmidfield Have you tried the Bacon or the Lobster Mac and Cheese at @ SportingPark @ SportingStyle it's heavenly

Want. Need. Must have.

@ midwestmidfield

remember this:

now 1 yr later:


# karma # twittertuesday

I love all of this, especially the fan’s reaction to getting heckled back.

@ BobbyCave NBA finals were awesome, Lord Stanley's Cup was great; is it okay to hate AEG now more than ever?

It’s always OK to hate AEG. That’s a rule.

@ Heine57 what's going to happen when Duffy gets called up or will they wait till September?

My read is they’re going to be cautious with Duffy. There is some concern about putting him immediately into a big league rotation, that the hypercompetitive young pitcher will overexert himself and create another setback. There’s also the fact that the Royals like the rotation the way it is at the moment – they’re committed to Wade Davis, at least through a few more craptastic outings – so there’s even less rush.

@ jjgelski Seitzer had 6 hits in one game his rookie year. Two were homers --,4065804

I remember this game, actually. I was a kid, and we were in Kansas City for the weekend. If I remember right, we went to the Saturday game and then Sunday went to Worlds of Fun. I remember hearing the sixth hit on the radio in my family’s wood-paneled station wagon. Man, it’s so weird what sticks in the memory.

@ obryhim # tt Is @ Royals_Report as dry in real life as he is in print and on twitter? He's hilarious.

Yes. Bob is the absolute best.

@ buddytbrown Whatever happened to the crazy voicemail guy? I really miss hearing about Hudler's biggest fan # TT

Oh, he still calls. At least once a week. He’s just getting repetitive and un-funny. I only post the good stuff.

@ paintblljnkie Why aren't you following me? (Literally. Not on twitter) # twittertuesdays

Where are we going?

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