Don't Kill The Mellinger

Broncos 24, Chiefs 17: Insta-reaction!

The injuries will stick with the Chiefs, and there are no moral victories, but they have to feel better than a week ago. Let’s get to it:

- These injuries, man. I know this is the obvious thing to say, but it’s feeling very 2011-ish around here. Two games in and, depending on how long Charles is out, the Chiefs are basically going to have to redo everything they were building on with both their offense and defense. We don’t know much about the injuries to Charles and Berry, at least not yet, but if they’re out it means the Chiefs are without three of their four most irreplaceable players. Just waiting on the quarterback.

- Loved some of the playcalling by the Chiefs and Andy Reid, particularly getting the tight ends as involved as they were. Travis Kelce is a developing weapon.

- Eric Fisher has taken a lot criticism, most of it fair, but he played really well in a tough spot. Big guy held up against DeMarcus Ware fairly well, and got out in front on some blocks in the run game.

- Defense held up pretty well, too. The run defense, especially, was light years better than a week ago. To hold the Broncos to 24 points here, tough to ask much more than that.

- All that said, the difference between these teams is more than just injuries and Peyton Manning. There’s quite a gap here.

- The Broncos did a Ring of Honor induction at halftime. Is that the NFL equivalent of scheduling the Chiefs for homecoming?

- The Broncos are so smooth when it goes right, it hardly looks like football. Just choreographed movement up the field and into the end zone. Gorgeous.

- Like, really, the way the rules are and with both the Broncos’ personnel and execution, if they’re operating at even 90 percent efficiency I’m not sure how you can stop these guys.

- Marcus Cooper is going to get the Peyton Manning Flu someday and save himself the trouble.

- That said, the pass interference call against him in the fourth quarter was terrible.

- I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pass thrown more beyond the line of scrimmage than Alex Smith in the first quarter. Honestly, he had to be three to five yards beyond, right?

- There was a play in the second quarter where Keith Vickerson and Orlando Franklin’s helmets were locked together, both players ended the play hatless. I’ve never seen that before, I don’t think, and then find out it happened earlier in the Falcons-Bengals game. Sports are weird.

- At first glance, James Michael-Johnson looked to have played pretty well filling in for Derrick Johnson. Shed some blockers, got out in space to make some plays. Nicely done.

- Still didn’t see much of Vance Walker. I thought that wasa a really good signing.

- There was a particularly good play for the Chiefs in the second quarter, when Knile Davis ran to the left side, and showed some patience waiting for Mike McGlynn and Rodney Hudson to clear space. That patience is something the coaches have been trying to get more from with Davis. Depending on Charles’ diagnosis, he may get a lot of chances to work on that.

- I don’t know why they didn’t go for it on fourth and inches in the second quarter, either.

- Actually, I don’t know why teams don’t go for it on fourth and inches virtually every time.

- No such thing as moral victories, but the Chiefs have to feel much better than a week ago. If they can play like this in Miami, they’ve got a shot.

- Cairo Santos still needs a hug.