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The Totally Official DKTM 2014 Chiefs Over-Under Challenge

How many touchdowns will Jamaal Charles get this season?
How many touchdowns will Jamaal Charles get this season? The Kansas City Star

Real football is finally here and, with it, a sort of made-up competition that’s a proud, time-honored tradition dating all the way back to like three or possibly even four years ago.

Welcome to The Totally Official DKTM Chiefs Over-Under Challenge.

This year’s version is in many ways a test of your optimism. The Chiefs were one of the great turnaround stories in the league last year, a 2-14 civic embarrassment that turned into an 11-5 playoff team.

The natural flow of the NFL’s parity-above-all structure is that the Chiefs will regress a bit this year, and they certainly spent a chunk of the preseason driving home that point.

Enough with the formalities. You’re here for the challenge. If you’ve done the Royals challenge, it’s basically the same deal. As always, an enormous thanks to the wonderful reader Grant and Challenge Builder for making sure as many of you maniacs who want to do this can do it.

Because of Grant, we’ve gone from capping entrants at 100 to requiring a login through Facebook or Google to, this year, just needing an email address and name.

The rules are roughly the same as always, but quick review:

*At least here, over and under is literal. So with the defense rank (16 ½), for instance, “over” means 17th or worse and “under” means 16th or better.

*The attendance will be used as the tiebreaker, if needed, and this isn’t the Price Is Right, so you can go over. Closest wins.

*All disputes (even my own mistakes) will be settled by me. I won’t be an a-hole about it, though. Probably not, anyway.

*Deadline for entries is set at noon on Sept. 7, so kickoff of the opener against the Titans.

*Winner gets a gift card to Oklahoma Joe’s Joe’s Kansas City, or, if they’re a communist, a different restaurant of their choice.

Mobile users can click here to enter.

The numbers, picked with the help of the awesome Terez Paylor, go like this:

Thanks for playing.

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