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Five Minute Break: Chiefs judgment, A-Rod’s treatment, and the truth about Kentucky

Alex Rodriguez issues a handwritten apology to fans on Tuesday.
Alex Rodriguez issues a handwritten apology to fans on Tuesday. The Associated Press

▪ There is a terrific unauthorized biography to be done on Alex Rodriguez. This handwritten apology is the latest in a man who’s long tried to be seen as human, despite himself, but it’s also true that he’s probably been treated unfairly at times. By media folk like me, sure, but also the Yankees and MLB.

I know the cases are far different, and A-Rod made things so much harder on himself than they needed to be with lawyers and dumb statements, but it can’t be lost on everyone that the same week another goofy A-Rod story surfaces we see that admitted HGH user Andy Pettitte will have his number retired by the Yankees. Maybe it’s as easy as the coverup is always worse than the crime, but I think there’s something more to it, that A-Rod, for whatever reason, became so damn easy and tempting to pick on. I’d read the hell out of that book.

▪ Sometimes a team’s weakness is so freaking glaring that the front office operates essentially like any fan would, and maybe that’s what we’re seeing with the Chiefs, who released A.J. Jenkins and Donnie Avery. A rival personnel evaluator made a good point to me the other day. He said a way you might judge the Chiefs’ ability to improve their receivers would be to see where Dwayne Bowe and Albert Wilson fall in the depth chart.

So, like, depending on what you think of those two — I think Wilson is better than Bowe going forward; the personnel evaluator thinks Bowe will be better, in part because he’ll be motivated after two bad years — if the Chiefs open training camp with someone besides Bowe or Wilson as the clear No. 1 receiver, it’s been a productive offseason. This would be, like, if they signed Randall Cobb, or maybe drafted Jaelen Strong in the first round.

If they open camp and you’re not even sure if Bowe or Wilson is the No. 2, then it’s been a very productive offseason. This would be, like, signing Cobb and drafting Strong. The Chiefs have other needs — check out the gif in the fourth answer on this Twitter Tuesday, it’s the moment I think best crystallizes the Chiefs’ problems at left guard — but it’s hard to see them going anywhere without much better receivers.

▪ I’m headed to Surprise on Sunday morning, and I don’t know how much you can really tell from these things, but one of the overarching themes of this spring training will be whether the Royals are fat from eating off a pennant, or hungry from getting so close to a world championship. Dayton Moore tells Vahe he’s “haunted” by the end of the season. This is something the Royals are definitely talking about internally.

▪ Most times, I make fun of claims of East Coast bias, but the fact that the internet has apparently just found out that Pablo Sandoval is fat is amazing. I mean, the guy won three World Series for the Giants, not exactly a small-market outpost. Mike Oz gets it.

▪ Oh, and Anthony Davis is right. His Kentucky team would destroy this one, no question. This is not debatable.

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