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Mizzou Mailbag: Gary Pinkel’s future, Jakeenan Gant’s status and more

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel
Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel AP

You had questions, we provided answers in this week’s Mizzou Mailbag.

I’m remain shocked at few questions there are about football compared to basketball, but away we go.

24mizzou, there have been plenty of rumors that Michigan was interested. The Wolverines tried to talk to Pinkel in 2011 before hiring Brady Hoke, but he never interviewed for the job.

I think Pinkel is happy here. He’s fashioned quite a legacy for himself, and it’s only getting better. It’s hard to envision him leaving unless he’s just really eager for a new challenge. But there are plenty of challenges remaining for Missouri in the SEC.

CJ, lack of inside presence will hamstring off all season. Mizzou can shoot from deep, but it's hard to rely on that nightly. Def must improve.

Finally, there was clarity with freshman forward Jakeenan Gant’s situation Saturday as he was reinstated. He was always expected to play this season, but it was unclear when that might happen. The thinking was it might be closer to the end of December, but nine games is pretty standard anymore for a receiving impermissible benefits investigation.

Cam, it’s far too early to speculate. That depends on who Missouri signs in its upcoming class. Things change dramatically if an Antonio Blakeney or Thomas Bryant commit to the Tigers.

That said, it’s hard to picture a 2015 starting lineup that doesn’t includes Johnathan Williams III or Montaque Gill-Caesar.

Alex, the scruff stays until it irritates me to the point I shave it or winter ends … unless my wife shaves me in my sleep. For what it’s worth, she says she hates it every November 1, but by this time of year has decided it makes me looked ruggedly handsome, so I don’t need to sleep with one eye open.

Jason, nothing more will happen until after the beginning of the year. Missouri will undertake a scope analysis in January to figure out what’s feasible for the project. After that, the project would need approval from the MU System Board of Curators. It would then have to be bid. The next step after a contract was awarded would be the design phase and finally construction, which wouldn’t start until after the 2015 season at the earliest.

Jam Boogie, I think we did all right.

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