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Mizzou Mailbag: Wes Clark’s future, Tigers hoops’ SEC hopes

Missouri guard Wes Clark
Missouri guard Wes Clark

It’s Friday, so let’s do a Mizzou Mailbag.

Aaron, who wouldn’t be excited to go to Atlanta? It’s a wonderful town and we’re going to be treated to a wonderful game Saturday when Missouri takes on Alabama at 3 p.m. Saturday at the Georgia Dome.

Bloomer (can I call you that?), Wes Clark isn’t finished at Missouri. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if he’s back in the lineup for the Oklahoma game tonight. I don’t know that he will be, and he might still be sick, but Clark will be back sooner rather than later.

As for Lyle, he has ties to assistant coach Rob Fulford and is one of the top prospects the Tigers are honing in on for the 2015 recruiting class. That would be the case with or without Clark.

Alex, Missouri would probably be thrilled to finish above .500 in conference. After going 9-9 last season, it would be a clear sign of progress. It’s also going to be a tall order. The Tigers play Kentucky and Arkansas twice, and those would seem to be the conference’s best teams based on early-season results.

I suspect MU will be a much better basketball team than it is right now when it opens the SEC slate Jan. 8 against LSU at home. The Tigers also will be vastly improved before wrapping up the regular season March 7 at Mississippi State. Given the current state of SEC basketball, .500 isn’t some unrealistic goal, but Missouri has a lot of growing to do before

Ed, c’mon man, two 50-point losses? You ain’t right. That’s just crazy talk. Kentucky is good, but they aren’t that good. Buffalo led Big Blue at halftime, so Missouri can stay within half-a-hundred.

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