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MU offensive coordinator Josh Henson shrugs off social-media criticism

Coming soon to the Mizzou Network: Offensive coordinator Josh Henson reads mean tweets?

Probably not, but it could happen.

Henson was among several Missouri players and coaches, who were targeted by vitriolic fans on social media during a 9-6 loss at Georgia.

For instance:

Some suggested Henson, who is in his third season as the Tigers’ offensive coordinator, find a new profession:

Others had specific complaints:

Some took a personal slant on their attack:

Others tried to plea with Henson’s boss:

One fan had a halftime suggestion for Pinkel:

My favorite was Jakarie Jones taking the opportunity to try and get noticed:

Henson took the whole thing in stride.

“They’re honestly, they’re kind of comical,” Henson said. “I see them, because they pop up on my deal. But, I mean, they’re funny. I laugh, because … some of that stuff — what late-night show is it where they read the mean tweets? — I feel like that’s what I’m doing.”

Henson, who was reminded the gag is from “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” chuckled at the idea of filming a segment where he reads mean tweets, but opted for a better idea.

“I don’t want to do it again next week,” he said. “I better get back up there and work on offense.”

Henson is adamant that the offense is close to a breakthrough.

“I feel like every week we go in with a good plan,” Henson said. “I feel like we’ve had some opportunities. … One thing we’ve got to be able to do is run the ball in when we get on the 1-yard line. We’ve just got to be able to and we didn’t get it done Saturday night.”

He was referring to a missed opportunity when Ian Simon returned an interception on the first play from scrimmage to the Georgia 1-yard line and Missouri wound up settling for a field goal — a short drive that roughly sums up the team’s offensive struggles.

Drew Lock mishandled a snap on first down, Russell Hansbrough then got stuffed twice and Andrew Baggett came on for a three-point try.

“I felt pretty comfortable Saturday with the play we called on the 1,” Henson said. “We didn’t execute it, so it knocks you back to the 3. You run it and that gets you back to the 2. Then, actually on the third play, there was another miscommunication and we didn’t get the play on that we wanted on. There’s no excuse for it. It’s very frustrating, and those things are the difference between winning and losing a game and, obviously, the difference between outcomes of a season.”

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