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Mizzou Mailbag: Mystery surrounds Jakeenan Gant’s eligibility issue

Lots of mystery and intrigue swirl around Missouri freshman forward Jakeenan Gant’s sudden suspension amid an NCAA review of his eligibility.

That could mean any number of things, so it would be irresponsible to speculate.

Understandably, it’s on the minds of a lot Tigers fans as the basketball season ramps up.

In fact, it dominated this week’s Mizzou Mailbag:

John, the timing is odd, but it doesn’t preclude an academic issue. Information could have come to light after Gant was initially cleared. There have been cases like that in the past, including Derrick Rose’s eligibility issues that surfaced after his time at Memphis. To be clear, I am not suggesting that’s what happened here, merely pointing out that you just never know.

Robert, Missouri is being fairly tight-lipped. I know Gant didn’t travel with the team to the Maui Classic, but there’s little information other than that available.

As for the Shane Ray decision, I assume you mean the fact he was left of the Nagurski and Lombardi finalists lists. It’s a travesty, because I think he’s been as good as any defensive player in the country and pretty darn consistent, too. I don’t know what to tell you. He was on my preliminary All-America ballot.

Cam, when Deuce Bello hit that three-pointer late against Oral Roberts, you’d have never guessed there were fewer than 6,000 fans on hand based on the decibel level and the Mizzou Arena atmosphere. When the Tigers are winning and playing well, it’s a terrific place to watch a college basketball game.

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