Campus Corner

Missouri to build new softball stadium

Missouri will be building a new softball stadium.

Associate athletic director Tim Hickman confirmed over the weekend the building is now in the school’s plans, though no site has been determined. He expects the stadium to cost in the neighborhood of $15 million.

“We’ve been leaning that way for a while and we kind of came to the resolution that this is the best long-term solution for us,” Hickman said. “We still have decided on the site, though there’s a strong possibility it could be on the same site. And we still have fundraising to do so we don’t have a time frame.”

Hickman said it would be nice if the stadium is ready for the 2015 Southeastern Conference softball tournament, which Missouri is slated to host. If it’s not, Hickman said the school might look into hosting it another year.

“We might see if it’s possible to switch the year we host the tournament, but hopefully we’ll get some fundraising going by then,” Hickman said.