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KU's Bill Self plays good Samaritan during snow storm

If you live in the Midwest, there was an 83 percent chance your car probably got stuck in the snow during Thursday’s apocalyptic storm.

Of course, if you live in Lawrence, there's a smaller chance your car was rescued with the help of an NCAA champion basketball coach.

Bill Self, good Samaritan?

Here's the background:

On Thursday, Lawrence resident Brad Harrell, 27, was trying to push a car out of a precarious situation when Self, KU's head coach, drove by, saw Harrell's group struggling and offered to help.

“(He) walks up,” Harrell wrote, recalling the encounter, “and says ‘looks like you boys need a man with some muscle,’ and we made it happen.”

After Harrell posted about the story on his Facebook account, it soon went viral. Turns out, though, Harrell wasn’t the only car that Self had to help set free on Thursday.

Doc Sadler, Kansas director of basketball operations, also got stuck in the parking lot of a local store. So after helping Sadler, Self was on his way back toward campus when he spotted Harrell.

“Doc Sadler can’t drive worth a crap in the snow,” Self said on Thursday, “so I had to go help push him out. And fortunately there was some strong back that jumped out to help me push him.”

About that muscle part?

"I think I was being sarcastic," Self said, smiling.

There's no video from Self's selfless act — that we know of — but we imagine it looked

something like this.