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Latest college fan trend: Uh, women's t-shirts

I’m checking out Twitter, and come across @kuboobs, which is not devoted to foolish people who attend or cheer for Kansas.

I’m late to this. The launch occurred last February in time for the Jayhawks’ home game against Missouri, and the originator was interviewed by Channel 5.

@kuboobs has more than 16,000 followers as of Tuesday, and the Border cold war being what it is, @MizzouBoobs1 was started and now has nearly 6,000 followers.

But as far as twitter accounts devoted to, uh, women’s t-shirt fashion, that seemed to be it. Until Tuesday.

That’s when Clay Travis, Nashville-based author, blogger (Outkick the Coverage) and attorney with some 66,000 twitter followers, came across @kuboobs, and commented “It is genius.”

His legion of followers in the Southeastern Conference footprint knew a challenge. In a matter of hours, schools with similar accounts were being re-tweeted (Florida’s @UF_Boobs) and some were being created, like Alabama (@bamaboobs), Auburn (@wardamnboobies), Arkansas (@arboobs) and Vanderbilt (@vandyboobs).

And some outside the SEC emerged, like Virginia Tech (@hokieboobs) and Oregon (@ducksboobs).

Update (5:45 p.m.). @kuboobs is over 17,600 followers, and the following schools have gained steam or joined the parade: East Carolina (@ECUBoobs), Florida State (FSUBoobs), Arizona State (@SunDevilBoobs), North Carolina (@UNCBoobs), and Arizona (@ZonaBoobs).

Also, there's a @ChiefsBoobs and @KCroyalsboobs.

As Star columnist Sam Mellinger @mellinger says, twitter is a weird place.