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Charlie Weis recap from Big 12 media day

Charlie Weis addressed the media this morning at Big 12 media days. Here’s a quick-hit version of what was said.

Weis began by addressing the Penn State situation: “Let’s get Penn State out of the way…” he said.

He called it a situation where “no one wins”. Later, though, Weis said that he had looked at the Penn State roster — Penn State players can transfer and be eligible right away — but also said he would be respectful in any process.

-- On building a program:

Weis said it wasn’t the losses last season, but “how badly they lost so often.” The key, he says, is simply becoming more competitive on a daily and weekly basis.

“Once you get your team more competitive on a weekly basis,” Weis said, “more wins will … follow.”

-- On transfer QB Dayne Crist:

Weis says Crist simply wanted to know if he could be competitive and win at Kansas. “I think when he came here,” Weis said. “It really wasn’t about me selling him on me. You know, our relationship is wonderful.”

-- On if he talked to former KU coach Mark Mangino about winning at Kansas:

Weis said he did know of Mangino through a connection on his staff at Notre Dame — a member was from Mangino’s hometown of Newcastle, Pa. — but he didn’t feel comfortable calling Mangino, preferring to do things his own way.

“I didn’t talk to Mark because there’s guys on the team that played under Mark,” Weis said.

-- On what convinced him to take the job:

Weis once again mentioned the success of K-State and Mizzou. If they can do it, he says, why can’t Kansas? (Earlier, Weis said he really respected K-State coach Bill Snyder.)

Finally, Weis also addressed the perception that he must have been “desperate” to be a head coach again if he took the job at Kansas.

Weis dismissed that sentiment, saying that he was offered other jobs for “a lot more money.” When asked a follow-up — "What jobs? — he politely declined to answer.