Campus Corner

Chizik is complementary of MU, A&M

Auburn coach Gene Chizik - who coached at Iowa State before leaving for his current job - was as complementary as any SEC coach about Mizzou's and Texas A's ability to come in and compete.

A few notable quotes:

"I don't think a lot of people are giving Texas A and Missouri near the credit they deserve."

"Missouri, Texas A aren't coming to the SEC with their hat in their hand. They're coming here to compete and you can bank on it."

"To think Missouri and Texas A are going to come in here and all of a sudden have their eyes opened, that's insane."

It probably doesn't hurt that Chizik went a combined 0-3 against both schools (0-2 vs. Mizzou, 0-1 vs A) when he coached at Iowa State from 2007 to 2008.