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Head of Big 12 basketball refs: We blew block-charge calls last season

College basketball blew the block-charge call about half the time last season.

The ranting of a frustrated fan?

No, that’s the conclusion — not opinion — of the Big 12 coordinator of officials.

“We did such a poor job last year that by the end of the year everything was a block,” Curtis Shaw said Wednesday during Big 12 Media Day at the Sprint Center. “I don’t think we got half of them right last year.”

The problem, Shaw said, stemmed from changing the emphasis twice before the season started.

“What we intended to do in June got changed in September and got altered in November,” Shaw said. “By Jan. 1, I could watch film and couldn’t tell you if it was right or wrong.

“We butchered it.”

Shaw said officials had too much to process in a small amount of time. This year, the league is going for simplicity.

“When the offensive player leaves the floor, the defender can no longer move other than to cover up and protect himself,” Shaw said. “The intent is not to have more charges, not to have more blocks.

“It’s to make the defense be legal and help the safety factor to allow our athletes to get to the rim to teach players to play vertical instead of undercut.”

Simplifying the block-charge is an emphasis. Rules changes happen every two years and they were changed last year.

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