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Let’s rank stuff: KU passers, toughest losses, Jayhawks logos

Former KU guard Aaron Miles
Former KU guard Aaron Miles

We’re back for Week 2 of our Friday blog, and once again, Twitter users were helpful coming up with Kansas basketball topics to discuss.

Without any more hesitation ... let’s rank some stuff.

Oh man, this is a good one. And a tough one, because “good passer” is a subjective thing.

I probably should start these with the caveat that for most of these lists, I’m going back to the early- to mid-1990s, as I don’t believe it’s fair for me to rank guys I didn’t see play.

Here’s my five:

5. Julian Wright

You never knew what was going to happen when he was on the floor, which made him fun to watch. That meant passes like this were always possible.

4. Marcus Morris

Do yourself a favor and watch this one-minute clip of Marcus Morris passing highlights. He was good.

3. Josh Jackson

I wrote Jackson’s great passing here. And here too when it helped win KU a road game. This was one of his best.

2. Aaron Miles

KU’s career assists leader deserves a top spot.

1. Jacque Vaughn

The first one who comes to mind when I think of KU passers.

Good question. I’m going with this:

5. VCU — 2011

The pain from this one stems from what could have been. KU would have had to beat VCU, Butler and UConn for a national title before stumbling as a double-digit favorite.

4. Rhode Island — 1998

People forget how good this team was (35-3 before the loss). The defeat seemed to also have a multiplying effect following the shock of 1997.

3. Northern Iowa — 2010

The Jayhawks were 33-2, went 15-1 in Big 12 play and were considered the favorites to win it all before Ali Farokhmanesh’s famous shot. Though that name is still cursed around these parts, be sure to watch this great video if you haven’t yet.

2. Bucknell — 2005

Though KU struggled late in the season, but this was a shocker. I’ll still hear KU fans on Selection Sunday talking about how they want to avoid “B” schools.

1. Arizona — 1997

Cody is right. This is an easy pick for No. 1. One of the greatest KU teams ever, and probably one of the best in college basketball history as well.

A silly one to end on!

5. 1929 Jayhawk


Has a bit of a mean look to him.

4. 1912 Jayhawk


Looking great for 105 years old. I also appreciate that KU was always committed to its Jayhawk having shoes.

3. 1941 Jayhawk


Also known as “Angry Jayhawk,” this has been a good look on KU football helmets.

2. 2006 Jayhawk


KU has a logo that’s both unique and easily recognizable. But the Trajan font with it seems a little forced, even if it’s better for branding.

1. 1946 Jayhawk


The longest-tenured Jayhawk (60 years) for a reason.

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