Campus Corner

ESPN reporter Holly Rowe visits with KU athletes

ESPN’s Holly Rowe, who has been battling cancer since last February, spoke to KU’s men’s and women’s basketball players on Monday and the football team Tuesday. She gave tips on on interviewing and other aspects of media relations with other Jayhawks student-athletes as well.

“She looked great. She said she’s feeling pretty good. If she says she’s feeling pretty good, she’s probably feeling OK,” KU men's basketball coach Bill Self said with a smile. “I think she’s doing well, just a little tired. But healthwise and everything, I think she felt good. The chemo and stuff that she’s had to take, like it would on anybody I’m sure, takes its toll from a fatigue standpoint. But she’s off of it now, and hopefully, all tests are positive moving forward.

“I think she’s great, and the guys all love her. And she likes them. They can be loose and open with her. I think she does a really good job.”