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Sportswriter fired for anti-Trump tweet sues New York Post

Bart Hubbuch’s Twitter profile
Bart Hubbuch’s Twitter profile

Highlights from Bart Hubbuch’s Twitter profile include “Veteran sportswriter, Sarcastic Texan, Tyler’s dad, Proud Jayhawk and Personal favorite of Alec Baldwin.”

His latest entry, as of Thursday morning, was this update from Jan. 30: “Last Friday, I was fired by the New York Post for tweeting on my own time seven days earlier my personal belief that Donald Trump becoming President of the United States is a national tragedy.”

Now, Hubbuch is suing the Post, charging that he was fired because of Post owner Rupert Murdoch’s relationship with Trump.

In one tweet, which has been deleted, Hubbuch listed the dates of Trump’s inauguration, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor.

Hubbuch earned a journalism degree from Kansas in 1990, and he served as a campus sports correspondent for The Star during his time in Lawrence. He covered the NFL as a columnist and reporter for the Post.

Hubbuch claims that he was fired after posting the tweet “on his own time, from his own computer, and from his own home.”

Hubbuch was asked to apologize and he did. But on Jan. 27, he was fired. The Post issued a statement:

“We expect our reporters to interact with the public, including on social media, in a professional manner. Unfortunately, Mr. Hubbuch has engaged in a pattern of unprofessional conduct and exhibited serious lack of judgment, including most recently showing disrespect for victims of Pearl Harbor and 9/11.”

In the suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Hubbuch said his firing was politically motivated.

“The Post does not exist to generate a profit; instead it is operated in a manner designed to serve the ends of Murdoch and his other business interests, such as 21st Century Fox,” according to the lawsuit. “That gives Murdoch a strong incentive to please Trump and avoid upsetting him.”

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