Sports On the Air

Olympics on TV for August 16

Tuesday’s TV/radio

Canoe/Kayak, Sprint Gold Medal Finals (live); Track and Field (live) ;Men’s Swimming, Open Water 10k Gold Medal Final; Women’s Soccer, Semifinal (live); Cycling, Track Events; Canoe/Kayak, Sprint Gold Medal Finals; Women’s Soccer, Semifinal (live); Badminton; Women’s Basketball, Quarterfinal (live); Wrestling, Greco-Roman Gold Medal Finals; Men’s Boxing, Light Gold Medal Final; Men’s Weightlifting, Superheavy Gold Medal Final; Women’s Volleyball, Quarterfinal (live); Women’s Table Tennis, Team Gold Medal Finals, 7 a.m., NBCSN

Women’s Volleyball, Quarterfinal (live); Men’s Field Hockey, Semifinal (live); Badminton; Synchronized Swimming, Duet Gold Medal Final (live); Women’s Table Tennis, Team Bronze Medal; Men’s Beach Volleyball, Semifinal (live), 8 a.m., USA

Track and Field (live); Men’s Water Polo, Quarterfinal (live); Equestrian; Women’s Volleyball, Quarterfinal (live); Men’s Diving, Springboard Semifinal; Beach Volleyball, Semifinal (live), 9 a.m., NBC 27, 41

Women’s Soccer, Semifinal; Synchronized Swimming, 9:30 a.m., Telemundo

Wrestling; Women’s Handball, Quarterfinal (live); Men’s Water Polo, Quarterfinal (live); Sailing, Gold Medal Finals, 11 a.m., MSNBC

Women’s Soccer, Semifinal; Beach Volleyball, Semifinal; Boxing, Elimination Matches, 2 p.m., NBC Universo

Cycling, Track Gold Medal Finals (live); Women’s Volleyball, Quarterfinal (live); Men’s Field Hockey, Semifinal, 4 p.m., CNBC

Track and Field, Gold Medal Finals (live): Men’s High Jump; Women’s 1,500m; Men’s 110m Hurdles; Gymnastics, Individual Event Gold Medal Finals: Men’s Parallel Bars; Women’s Floor; Men’s High Bar; Beach Volleyball, Semifinal (live), 7 p.m., NBC 27, 41

Men’s Diving, Springboard Gold Medal Final, 11:35 p.m., NBC 27, 41

KEY:NBCSN – NBC Sports Network is Ch. 55 and 314 on Time Warner, Ch. 46 on Comcast in Missouri, Ch. 27 on Comcast in Kansas, Ch. 35 on Consolidated, Ch. 640 on ATandT U-Verse, Ch. 220 on DirecTV, Ch. 159 on Dish Network, Ch. 203 on Google Fiber; CNBC, Ch. 29 and 205 on Time Warner Cable, Ch. 33 on Comcast in Missouri, Ch. 38 on Comcast in Kansas, Ch. 75 on Consolidated, Ch. 355 on DirecTV, Ch. 208 on Dish Network, Ch. 121 on Google Fiber; MSNBC, Ch. 28 and 203 on Time Warner Cable, Ch. 34 on Comcast in Misssouri, Ch. 39 on Comcast in Kansas, Ch. 74 on Consolidated, Ch. 356 on DirecTV; Ch. 209 on Dish Network; Bravo Ch. 50 and 290 on Time Warner, Ch. 70 on Comcast, Ch. 44 on Consolidated, Ch. 273 on DirecTV and Ch. 129 on Dish Network, Ch. 103 on Google Fiber.