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Area golf results - August 21


Note: The Star will publish results of Kansas City-area golfers who shoot a hole in one or double eagle at any course, in Kansas or Missouri, provided someone from the course calls 816-234-4355 and we are able to confirm the residence of the golfer.


AT ADAMS POINTE GOLF CLUB: Ken Higdon, No. 8, 163 yards, 5-hybrid.

AT FRED ARBANAS GOLF COURSE: Mary Hokstad, No. 7, 98 yards, 5-hybrid.

AT FRED ARBANAS GOLF COURSE: Matt Broton, No. 4, 129 yards, sand wedge.

AT HEART OF AMERICA GOLF COURSE (THE ROCK COURSE): Brad Porter, No. 6, 116 yards, 6-iron.

AT LAKEWOOD OAKS GOLF CLUB: Allyn Jones, No. 14, 137 yards, 9-iron.

AT SHAMROCK HILLS GOLF CLUB: Charlie Maude, No. 6, 172 yards, 5-hybrid.

AT SYKES/LADY OVERLAND PARK GOLF CLUB: Allen Amos, No. 3, 143 yards, 5-iron.