Scores & Stats

Area golf results for Jan. 19

Note: The Star will publish results of Kansas City-area golfers who shoot a hole in one or double eagle, provided someone from the course calls 816-234-4355 and we are able to confirm the residence of the golfer.


▪ AT TIFFANY GREENS: Ken Schrick, No. 10, 156 yards, 5-wood.

▪ AT SYKES/LADY OVERLAND PARK GOLF CLUB: Dale Norris, No. 2, 179 yards, 6-iron.

▪ AT HERITAGE PARK: Mike Sypher, No. 4, 140 yards, 8-iron.

▪ AT HIDDEN VALLEY: Garrison Green, No. 14, 112 yards, pitch wedge.

▪ AT TEETERING ROCKS: Joey Dennis, No. 17, 114 yards, 9-iron.