Lure of the Week: The Go Go Minnow

The Go Go Minnow is the lure of spring at many reservoirs in the region.

When the crappies move shallow to spawn, the plastic grub made by Fle-Fly is deadly.

Designed to imitate a young-of-the-year baitfish, it is only 2 inches long and has a tail that provides an enticing action when retrieved slowly.

It is especially popular at Grand Lake in Oklahoma, where the Outdoor BrandZ Company is located. It is an umbrella company of which Fle-Fly is a member. But they have spread north, where guides at reservoirs such as Truman now use them.

Jeff Williams, who runs Outdoor BrandZ, is an avid crappie fisherman who is a big believer in his product. He has caught many big crappies on his Go Go Minnows, not only in spring, but throughout the year.

His favorite color patterns for Missouri and Oklahoma lakes are black and chartreuse, clear, chartreuse, firecracker and watermelon and white.

“Go Go Minnows can be (retrieved) at very, very slow speeds and the tail will still keep turning,” Williams said. “That’s one of the reasons they are so effective.

“It is known as a crappie lure, but it will catch other fish like white bass, too. With its action, it will get a lot of reaction strikes.”

Brent Frazee: 816-234-4319, @fishboybrent