Scale back on your garment shedding with this Houdini Power fleece

Everyone loves a comfy fleece, but they're not all created equal. It turns out that traditional fleeces have a problem that you probably don't know: It's called microfiber shedding, and it happens in the washing machine. Tiny particles of synthetic material are washed away from the garment and end up polluting the water system. While the source of microplastic pollution is complicated, synthetic fabrics are a cause for concern. Enter the Power Air Houdi from Houdini. The top was created with a process developed by Houdini and Polartec that results in a fabric that sheds five times fewer particles than the best fleece on the market now. While traditional fleece has exposed fibers, the Power Air features fibers that trap the air in small pockets that are knitted into the fabric. You'll just notice that the hoodie is light, comfortable, and excellent at keeping you warm. Yet it's also breathable, so you don't overheat when wearing it inside or during exercise. It's made from 54% recycled polyester, and with extended sleeves with thumb loops, a two-way zipper, a high-collared hood, and a bottom hem with a hidden draw cord, it's designed to keep you warm for any outdoor adventure. It's good for both the environment and your comfort.

Price: $250, houdinisportswear.com