Fishing report for Feb. 1, 2018


BULL SHOALS: 42 degrees, clear, 5.7 feet low. Outlook: Guide Del Colvin reports: Largemouth bass good when it’s sunny on jerk baits around docks and when cloudy/windy on wiggle wart near bluff ends. Look for birds feeding on the water as they will be eating shad, and fishing in that area could be productive. Crappie fair along brush piles in 35-40 feet of water. Below the dam: John Berry of Berry Bros. Guide Service reports: On the White, the hot spot has been Rim Shoals. The hot flies were olive woolly buggers (#8, #10), Y2Ks (#14, #12), prince nymphs (#14), zebra midges (black with silver wire and silver bead or red with silver wire and silver bead (#16, #18), pheasant tails (#14), ruby midges (#18), root beer midges (#18), pink and cerise San Juan worms (#10), and sowbugs (#16). Double fly nymph rigs have been very effective. John’s current favorite is a Y2K (#10) with a ruby midge (#14) suspended below it. Use weight to get your flies down.

TANEYCOMO: 45 degrees, clear, running water in the mornings for a couple of hours Outlook: Lilleys’ Landing reports: Trout continue to hit gray, white, chartreuse and lighter color jigs. Further down, spoons, crankbaits, and rooster tails have worked well, with aggressive chasing from trout. Good number of fish are being caught in trophy area with gold and red spoons. Good numbers continue to be caught downlake from the Landing to Monkey Island.

NORFORK: 43 degrees, clear (8 feet of visibility), 7.4 feet low. Outlook: Bink’s Guide Service reports: Pattern continues to remain about the same. Bass, crappie, walleye fair to good in brush piles at the bottom in 30 feet of water. Try  1/8 -ounce spoons. Many stripers remain suspended around 40-foot mark in 70-80 feet of water. Spoons (1 ounce) and trolling umbrella rigs have been productive.

LONGVIEW: 38 degrees, 2.5-3 feet of clarity, 0.3 feet low. Outlook: Longview Marina reports: skim ice present in the mornings, but gone by midday. Crappie good in 28 feet on jigs. No report on all other species. No minnows available currently, so you will have to bring your own. Fishing available around the dock during marina hours during 7 a.m.-1 p.m.

POMME DE TERRE: 36 degrees, 4-5 feet clarity, 0.2 feet low. Outlook: Muskie Guide Service reports: Crappie fair on jigs around docks and above brush piles in about 15 feet. All other species slow. Ice is gone.

LAKE OF THE OZARKS: 36 degrees, clear, about 5.3 feet low. Outlook: Gier’s Bass Pro reports: Crappie fair to good, but need to use graph to find them. They are relating to shad balls in main lake. Bass slow on main lake and secondary points on jerk bait. Catfish fair in 50-70 feet off main lake points on cut bait.

REED AREA: 34 degrees, clear, lakes 6 inches low. Outlook: All lakes open, but may become ice-covered overnight. Crappie fair using tube jigs and minnows near brush piles; all other species slow. Next trout stocking occurs mid-February and mid-March. Fish stocking hotline: 816-525-0300, ext. 4001. All other species slow.

STOCKTON: 38 degrees, clear, 4 feet low. Outlook: Stockton Lake Guide Service reports: Lake is thawed. Crappie good on jigs under schools of shad and brush in 30 feet of water. Walleye fair on very bottom underneath schools of shad in about 30 feet of water.

JACOMO: some ice, mid to upper 30s, normal Outlook: Lake Jacomo Marina reports: main body of lake is open and boats are able to put in. Little to no fishing in past week. Some ice in back of coves. Fishing available around the marina, but has been extremely slow.

BLUE SPRINGS: majority ice-covered, normal Outlook: Blue Springs Lake Marina reports: all species slow. Ice is breaking up. Some fishing available around the marina.

TABLE ROCK: 47 degrees, clear, about 6 feet low. Outlook: Focused Fishing Guide Service reports: Most largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass are being caught on jerk baits suspended in 15-25 feet on main lake and secondary points. In heavier wind, crank bait or wiggle wart works well. Alabama rig has caught a few in the past week. Crappie good on jigs and live minnows up the James near marked brush piles in 15-30 feet.

TRUMAN: 36 degrees, stained, about 0.5 feet low. Outlook: Jeff Faulkenberry’s Endless Season Guide Service reports: All open water. Crappie excellent in 25-28 feet of water, suspended around 15 feet. Spider rig works best, but double rig jig works well in shad balls. Try two  1/8 -ounce jigs and drag around through shad balls. Catfish excellent in shallow and deep water on fresh-cut shad.

SMITHVILLE: mostly ice covered, about 1.7 feet low. Outlook: Burton’s Bait and Tackle reports: All species slow. Fishing has even been slow around marinas and docks. No boat ramps are open. Ice is not safe for fishing.


SHAWNEE MISSION PARK: No report available until end of February.

KILL CREEK PARK: No report available until end of February.

COFFEY COUNTY: low to mid 60s at hot-water outlet, clear, about 3.5 feet low. Outlook: Coffey County reports: catching most fish in the warm-water discharge area. White bass excellent, largemouth bass excellent, wipers fair; all other species slow.

MELVERN: 33 degrees, discharge 20 cubic feet per second, visibility around 8 feet, 1.1 feet low. Outlook: Melvern Lake Marina reports: Crappie poor to fair around the docks using red jigs, dark jigs and minnows. Numbers above 10 inches are getting better in early morning and mid-afternoon. Established brush piles west of the state park’s Turkey Point Park around 15-20 feet deep using minnows has been productive. Smallmouth poor along the shoreline and rip rap face of the dam using spoons and shallow crankbaits; white bass good to very good lakewide on jigs and minnows; largemouth bass poor on open water nearer rock shorelines with shallow crankbaits and around the docks on jigs; channel and blue catfish poor; walleye poor, but some caught near the northwest end of the lake and near the rip rap/jetty walls with crankbaits and spinners.

CLINTON: partial ice, clear, 1.4 feet high. Outlook: Clinton Marina reports water is frozen around the boat ramps and the coves, with open water in main lake. Ice is considered unsafe. Crappie slow, but most productive around marina. Courtesy docks at all boat ramps in Bloomington Park have been pulled for the winter.

POMONA: 10 percent ice-covered, 33 degrees, clear, about 1.7 feet low. Outlook: Lighthouse Bay Marina reports: Crappie good near docks on pink and white maribou jigs in 13 feet of water. All other species slow. Main body of lake is open. All core ramps are open (Adams Grove and 110 mile are open), but not all state parks ramps are open.

PERRY: 60 percent ice-covered, 33 degrees, clear, 1.8 feet high. Outlook: Don and Tom’s Bait and Tackle reports: Lake has opened up quite a bit. Some ice still in the coves, but main body is open. State Park and marina boat ramp are open. Crappie fair, white bass good around the marina. Ice spoons have continued to be most productive. Try “Swedish pimple.”

MILFORD: 45 percent ice-covered, 34 degrees, clear, 0.7 feet low. Outlook: Vic Oertle Guide Service reports: As of Jan. 29, much of Milford is ice-free but boat ramps are not useable in most areas. Catfishing expected to be good when you can get a boat in. Some wipers being caught below the tubes at Milford.

HILLSDALE: 32 degrees, about 1 foot low. Outlook: Jayhawk Marina reports: Early morning, very thin ice present that you have to break through to get a boat out. Crappie slow to fair near the bottom in about 25 feet of water. Fishing around the marina is available for $7 a day, but all species have been slow.

LA CYGNE: 52 degrees at the hot-water outlet, clear, low. Outlook: Linn County Park reports: Bass slow on jerk baits, crappie fair, white bass slow, wipers slow.

GLEN ELDER (WACONDA LAKE): some ice, about 1 foot low. Outlook: Wildlife, Parks and Tourism reports: No updated report since Jan. 23.

TUTTLE CREEK: some ice, open water 32 degrees, about 2 feet low. Outlook: Vic Oertle Guide service reports: some open water, but all the crappie water is covered with thin, weak ice. Below the tubes has been slow.

WYANDOTTE: Lake closed for the season. Opens up first Saturday in March, when they will stock trout.

WILSON: 34 degrees, 4 feet of clarity, 0.2 feet high. Outlook: Hines Guide Service reports: Ice is mostly off, most boat ramps open. Stripers good in 35-40 feet of water on dropoffs on rocky points using  5/8 -ounce white spoons. Walleye slow to fair in deep brush piles

EL DORADO: mid to upper 30s, clear, about 3.7 feet low. Outlook: Wildlife, Parks & Tourism reports: Activity still pretty light as ice only recently breaking up. Crappie and white bass should be fair to good if you can get to them. Wind is supposed to blow very hard throughout the week.