Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe pleads guilty to amended charges in pot case

Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe pleaded guilty Wednesday in Riverside Municipal Court to amended charges of defective equipment and littering relating to his Nov. 10 arrest for marijuana possession.

The city prosecutor, Amy Ashefford, said Bowe paid $610 in fines.

“Like others charged with speeding and possessing marijuana for the first time, Mr. Bowe pleaded guilty to amended charges” Ashefford said. “Justice requires that similar cases be treated similarly. As a result, it’s important to me that Mr. Bowe be treated no differently, either with a harsher or lesser punishment than any other person in a similar situation, and that is what occurred tonight.”

Bowe’s attorney, Kevin E.J. Regan, said Bowe’s plea does not include probation. Bowe was not present at a news conference where Regan and Ashefford announced the plea.

“Dwayne’s case is now closed,” Regan said. “The case was firmly and fairly prosecuted. We investigated it thoroughly and found the appropriate motions in this case there was no admission of guilty to marijuana possession, and our investigation revealed he did not possess marijuana. There was no guilty plea to the marijuana charge, it was dismissed, meaning it won’t be re-filed.

“Dwayne appreciates the support of his family, friends, fans and teammates. This matter is now behind him, and he’ll have no further comment about this incident. He’s working hard this offseason to pick up hard where he left off in the Indianapolis Colts playoff game.”

Bowe was arrested Nov. 10 for allegedly speeding and possessing more than 10 grams of marijuana. On Friday, Regan filed a motion to suppress evidence related to the marijuana arrest.

According to police, Bowe was pulled over for traveling 48 mph in a 35 mph zone. He was arrested after police found a black bag containing his wallet, driver’s license and two containers of what an officer suspected to be marijuana.

One of Bowe’s passengers, George A. Thompson, said the bag belonged to him, police said, and during a search of Thompson, police also found two-hand rolled cigarettes, containing 2.2 grams of suspected marijuana.

The motion stated that Thompson “has indicated under oath” that all the marijuana found in the car is his and that Bowe had no knowledge of its presence.

Ashleford said Wednesday that through his attorney, Bowe provided copies of his current insurance and a valid drivers license.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has the power to levy discipline against Bowe under the NFL's personal-conduct policy if he so chooses, but without a conviction for marijuana possession, it seems unlikely Bowe will face discipline from the league.