Mike DeVito arrives at Chiefs camp in good shape

Chiefs defensive end Mike DeVito focused on his diet during the offseason.
Chiefs defensive end Mike DeVito focused on his diet during the offseason. The Kansas City Star

Chiefs defensive lineman Mike DeVito spent a lot of time inactive on the sideline last season after tearing his Achilles tendon in a week one loss to the Tennessee Titans. But when he arrived at training camp on Friday, he looked good, and not just because of the mohawk haircut he was sporting.

“(My) conditioning is really good. Really good,” DeVito said. “Focused on it again this summer and this offseason and focused on my diet, and I feel great.”

DeVito, who is 6 feet 3 and 305 pounds, said his workout regimen remained essentially the same, adding that what helped him to keep his conditioning in check more than anything was the implementation of a strict diet.

“It was more focusing on my nutrition,” DeVito said. “What I would do was prep my meals at the beginning of the week so that I could just throw it in the microwave and get going. But I really stuck to (head strength coach) Barry (Rubin’s) plan, and I feel good.”

DeVito spent most of his summer in northern Maine, a more temperate climate than the oppressive summer heat and humidity of the Midwest.

Considering the weather and the nature of Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s notoriously hard-nosed training camp structure, one thing is for sure; DeVito will sweat out any extra heft and sluggishness before the regular season starts Sept. 13 at Houston.

“My goal has always been to kind of stay right around 305 to 310 but just make it better weight. To cut out the fat and try to get a six-pack going,” DeVito said, drawing a chorus of laughter.

“Why are you laughing at that?” he asked with a smile.

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