Travis Kelce recalls his first NFL pass attempt (and interception) in Snickers ad

Travis Kelce: Saw Giants effort coming from a mile away

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said he saw effort in Giants’ 12-9 victory “from a mile away.”
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Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce said he saw effort in Giants’ 12-9 victory “from a mile away.”

Time has a way of lightening the mood.

Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had been waiting his entire professional career to throw a pass. When he finally got his chance, the fourth-quarter heave was intercepted, helping seal the Chiefs’ 12-9 loss to the underdog New York Giants last season.

After the game, Kelce shouldered the blame not for that play for the team, which had lost for the fourth time in five games and would go on to lose two more before righting the ship.

“We have to man up,” Kelce said then. “Nobody is pointing fingers but guys have to get called out and be more accountable, starting with myself.”

Some seven months later, Kelce recalled the moment in a playful interview with The Players’ Tribune in an advertisement for Snickers called, “You’re off your game.”

Kelce described what happened and where he erred. The option on the play was to throw a deep pass to speedster Tyreek Hill or tuck it and run. Kelce gave himself a third option:

“I look up and see (Hill) running down the field and he’s covered,” Kelce said. “I just happened to gander across the field to another wide receiver. Little did he know I was going to throw it. I knew I was about to chuck it. It’s like bells going off in my head, like it’s dinner time — ding, ding, ding, ding — I got to get that thing out.”

Kelce launched a deep pass to Demarcus Robinson. The ball caught too much of the middle of the field and a Giants safety came up with the pick, “and just ruins all of my dreams,” Kelce said. “I feel, at this point, like an idiot.”

All’s well that ended well for Kelce and the Chiefs, who went on to win the AFC West. Kelce was chosen to his third Pro Bowl after a 1,038-yard, eight-touchdown season. But that decision, oof.