Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt has met with Marcus Peters, others, about protests during anthem

A year ago, Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt made it clear that, as an organization, the Chiefs believe players should stand for them anthem.

On Sunday, before the Chiefs’ game against the Dallas Cowboys, Hunt reiterated that belief, adding that he’s spoken to to team leadership, including front-office personnel, coaches and a handful of players about the matter.

“When it rolled around last year, it really wasn’t a big deal for us, and we’ve tried to stay with that this year,” Hunt said. “Obviously we’ve had some guys who have sat or knelt during some of the games this year, but we’ve continued to work with them and communicate with them that we prefer for them to stand.

“But at the end of the day, it’s their decision.”

Hunt said the organization has also tried to give the players a platform in the community to go deal with some of the issues they care about by working with the Chiefs’ community relations team.

“Whether the issue is racial inequality, whether it’s social injustice, we’ll find a way for them to go make a difference,” Hunt said.

The only player on the Chiefs roster to sit during the anthem before every game this season is All-Pro cornerback Marcus Peters, who generally refuses to discuss his decision to protest but told The Star a month ago that he still supports Colin Kaepernick, whose causes for kneeling revolved around the overall oppression of African-Americans and police brutality.

“We had a great conversation,” Hunt said of his chat with Peters. “I’m not going to get into the details, but we had a good discussion.”

Peters also has a long history of helping kids in his hometown of Oakland, which his father believes is rooted in his desire to eliminate the same issues he’s protesting.

When asked if he’d rather Peters do some of his community service through the team, however, Hunt said no — he respects Peters’ charitable work.

“No,” Hunt said. “Marcus does some great things in the community in Oakland and now also in Kansas City. He’s really doing that on his own and I applaud him for that.”