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Cristiano Ronaldo free kick breaks kid’s wrist (Video)

So you’re sitting at a soccer game watching superstar Cristiano Ronaldo fire a free kick and the next thing you know you’re holding your arm in pain.

That’s just how it happened over the weekend to 11-year-old Charlie Silverwood, who was watching a pre-season friendly match between Real Madrid and Bournemouth.

Sitting behind the goal, Charlie got clocked by Ronaldo’s kick from 35 yards away.

The ball broke little Charlie’s wrist in two places, but he watched the rest of the game – 84 minutes of it – before going to the hospital.

“It was Ronaldo's first free kick of the game. It went straight for me so I blocked the ball with the palm of my left hand and the force, I suppose, reverberated up my arm and broke my wrist," Charlie told the BBC.

“If I hadn't blocked it with the palm of my hand I would have no front teeth.”

For his trouble, Charlie got a signed shirt and a phone call from Real Madrid’s president, who probably begged the little guy not to sue.

“It’s one of the most spectacular ways you can get your arm broken,” said Charlie, his arm now in a sling.

And eagle-eyed viewers of this video have noticed this: Is that Charlie’s dad ducking out of the way instead of protecting his son?