What else the Royals said after falling to the White Sox 6-3

Royals starting pitcher Jakob Junis waited for Chicago White Sox's Welington Castillo to round the bases on a solo home run in the fourth inning during Thursday's baseball game on April 26, 2018, at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.
Royals starting pitcher Jakob Junis waited for Chicago White Sox's Welington Castillo to round the bases on a solo home run in the fourth inning during Thursday's baseball game on April 26, 2018, at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

The Royals continued their struggles with runners in scoring position on Thursday night as they lost to the White Sox 6-3 at Kauffman Stadium.

Ned Yost

Thoughts on offense

We out-hit ‘em 11-9. Jake gave up six hits and the only problem is five of them were homers. You hear the old adage, solo homers won’t beat you. But I guess when they hit four of them they might.

We’re just struggling with runners in scoring position. Getting guys on. We’re getting opportunities. We’re just trying to get that big hit.

A positive?

I don’t know how much of a positive it is. But it is, yeah, as long as the opportunity is there. You can make something of it. But it’s not positive if you don’t. You have to find ways. And a lot of times, again, we’ve seen it in so many years past, so many times we’ve sat up here and talked about runners in scoring position. It takes one big hit, then it kind of opens up the flood gates. We just need to get that one big hit.

Bad location on pitches that went for homers?

Most of them. I haven’t had a chance to review them.

Pretty much missed location.

Feel helpless as a manager?

It’s a pretty helpless feeling because there’s nothing you can really do. Especially when you’re struggling like this, you know, it’s helpless on a couple of different levels. Jake gives up a home run to start the game. We’re OK. Then boom another home run and then boom another home run.

If you go back and look and see how many runs we’ve been scoring lately, it hasn’t been over three. I don’t remember the last time we scored over three runs. So it’s like we’ve got a dog-fight on our hands. Let’s go. We can get hot. But it just hasn’t materialized.

Pleased with approaches at the plate with runners on base?

We’re getting guys on base all right. We’re not getting guys in and that’s what counts.

Am I pleased that we’re getting in position? Yeah. Am I pleased that we’re taking advantage in some opportunities with sac flies or big base hits like Esky got in the eighth inning there with the bases loaded? We just couldn’t capitalize after that. Moving runners, Esky did a great job with a runner on second and moving him to third, situationally. But for the most part we can be better.

The bullpen settled in?

It’s something to build off of, I think. Brian Flynn did a great job tonight holding the fort. We needed to get Kelvin in the game. Today was his fourth day. We need to get him in there and get him pitching. The bullpen is starting to settle in a little bit which is a little bit of a silver lining.

Jakob Junis

The home run pitches

A few of them were up and out over the plate. It’s pretty rare of me to give up six hits and five of them are homers. But you tip your cap and move on to the next one.

They just added up on you?

Definitely. You give up a couple (of solo) homers and that won’t beat you. And maybe even if I could have not given up the two-run homer and would have gotten through six innings with four runs and would have given us a chance to win. But six runs, I didn’t really get it done.

Stuff good?

I felt good. I felt like my heater had some life. Threw some good curveballs, good change-up. Definitely didn’t feel like I wasn’t working without something.

Had 68 pitches through five innings

I was just attacking guys like I always do. Keeping the pitch count down. Unfortunately it didn’t work out tonight.

More pressure with offense struggling?

No, not really. I don’t think about that. I focus on my job and that’s to keep runs off the board. Tonight I definitely didn't do that. Hopefully next time out is better.

Kansas City Royals starter Jakob Junis gave up five home runs to the Chicago White Sox and the offense struggled to capitalize on runners in scoring position in 6-3 loss.

Mike Moustakas

Is there frustration?

We got to go out there and score runs, obviously. And right now we’re not doing a very good job of that, top to bottom. We’ve had opportunities. Just not getting the job done. We got a lot of baseball left, a lot of season left. That’s something we’ll continue to work on and continue to get better at.

We all know it. We all know we’re not producing runs right now. I left a bunch of runners out there tonight. Obviously it's frustrating and difficult to keep leaving guys on base. We’ll keep fighting and it will come around.