Royals mascot Sluggerrr tells harrowing story of being in Mexico City during earthquake

Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr.
Kansas City Royals mascot Sluggerrr.

It is highly unusual for a mascot to break character, but then again, there is nothing normal about this terrible tragedy.

On Tuesday afternoon, an earthquake struck Mexico and it has left nearly 140 people dead, according to the New York Times. That story said the earthquake struck shortly after 1 p.m. about 100 miles from Mexico City and registered a magnitude of 7.1.

In an odd coincidence, Brad Collins, who works as the Royals mascot, Sluggerrr, was in Mexico City on Tuesday. Collins, whose title is the Royals’ Mascot Coordinator, took to Twitter, using Sluggerrr’s handle, and he shared the story of what he saw during and after the earthquake.

Collins and the person who plays the Twins mascot, TC Bear, were in Mexico City for an MLB International promotional event. They had just arrived there when the earthquake hit.

Here is what Collins tweeted, and keep in mind that grammar is not always perfect on Twitter:

“Story time. Please follow along and share, I feel this is important.

“Today, around 11:30am, I landed in Mexico City to help promote baseball here and work a telethon and visit a Children’s Hospital tomorrow at 12:30, we also picked up ‪@TC_00 (TC Bear) from the airport and we were on our way to our hotel. We were with 2 Marketing people from here with ‪@MLB_Mexico. Around 1:00ish I think, we were stuck in traffic on a bridge getting to our hotel. Something started to feel weird

“The bridge started swaying back and forth and the buildings next to the highway were shaking and people began streaming out of buildings

“To our left, we saw a building collapse and a huge cloud of smoke. Some panic had set in from us, our driver and the MLB people.

“We kept on heading to the hotel area because we had no better choice at the time. On our way in you could see the panic and confusion

“Traffic was a complete mess, understandably. Buildings were collapsing, cracking, around us, so we decided to walk to get to the hotel

“We made it to our hotel through what is essentially the most crowded part of Mexico City, with hundreds of thousands of people standing around. No one was allowed in any buildings due to structural issues, etc... Through all of this, the Marketing staff of ‪@MLB_Mexico stayed calm and guided ‪@TC_00 and I to safety and stuck with us until they knew we were safe. In a time of mass confusion, panic, etc. they put our needs first. Truly amazing the help we received. I can’t thank them enough.

“Please tell ‪@MLB_Mexico thanks from the ‪@Royals and ‪@Twins families.

“As for ‪@TC_00 and I, we are good in our hotel and extremely grateful for the helpfulness, generosity and love we received today.”

TC Bear tweeted that he was OK.

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