January 18, 2013 6:49 AM

The BBWAA Project: Right Field

Previously on The BBWAA Project:IntroductionFirst Base roundupSecond Base roundupShortstop roundupThird base roundupLeft field roundupCenter field roundupAnd on to the position of Clemente and Aaron ...Right fieldTwelve right fielders have been elected to the Hall of Fame by the BBWAA -- more than than any other position except pitcher. Seven of the 12 were elected on first ballot (Hank Aaron; Tony Gwynn; Reggie Jackson; Al Kaline; Frank Robinson; Babe Ruth; Dave Winfield) and another was selected on special ballot (Roberto Clemente).Median Career: 78.6 WAR (High: Ruth, 159.2; Low: Wee Willie Keeler, 50.7)25th percentile career: 66.8 WAR.Bonus: Median Career taking out Babe Ruth -- 69.8.Median Peak: 45.6 WAR (High: Ruth 82.5; Low: Keeler, 34.7)25th percentile peak: 40.7 WARBonus: Median Peak taking out Babe Ruth -- 44.6.Here are the BBWAA-chosen right fielders as ranked by the fans on Baseball Reference's EloRater:No

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