January 16, 2013 9:48 AM

The BBWAA Project: Third Base

Previously on The BBWAA Project:IntroductionFirst Base roundupSecond Base roundupShortstop roundupAnd now …Third baseSeven third basemen have been voted in by the BBWAA, five of them on the first ballot (Wade Boggs, George Brett, Paul Molitor, Brooks Robinson, Mike Schmidt).Median Career: 84 WAR (High: Schmidt 103; Low: Pie Traynor 33.8)25th percentile career: 72.6 WARMedian Peak: 51.7 WAR (High: Schmidt 57.2; Low: Traynor 24.4)25th percentile peak: 41.2 WARHere are the BBWAA third basemen as ranked by the fans on Baseball Reference's EloRater:No. 17: Mike SchmidtNo

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