January 15, 2013 7:44 PM

The BBWAA Project: Shortstop

Here is a little introduction to The BBWAA Project, if you are interested.And here is the First Base roundup and Second Base roundup.Now, we're talking shortstops.ShortstopsEleven shortstops have been voted in by the BBWAA, five of those on the first ballot (Ernie Banks, Cal Ripken, Ozzie Smith, Honus Wagner, Robin Yount).Median career value: 68.5 WAR (High: Wagner 126.2; Low: Rabbit Maranville 39.4)25th percentile career value: 60.5 WAR.Median peak value: 41.8 WAR (High: Wagner 64.1; Low: Maranville 28.8)25th percentile peak value: 41.1 WARHere are the BBWAA Hall of Famers as ranked by fans on Baseball Reference's EloRater:No. 3: Honus WagnerNo

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