December 27, 2012 10:45 PM

The Tango Option

On Friday I plan to post this thing about Curt Schilling, Jack Morris and pitchers facing pitchers … but first, I just got an email from Tom Tango that hits upon a brilliant Hall of Fame idea that, by pure coincidence, I've been pondering the last few days (kismet!).This idea is, in fact, so good that I'm actually a bit surprised it wasn't put into place years ago.Before explaining the idea, let me explain the problem by looking at a few players:• Dan Quisenberry, 3.8% of the vote• John Franco, 4.6% of the vote• Dwight Evans, 3.6% of the vote• Lou Whitaker, 2.9% of the vote• Kevin Brown, 2.1% of the vote• Albert Belle, 3.5% of the vote• Orel Hershiser, 4.4% of the vote• Will Clark, 4.4% of the vote• Keith Hernandez, 4.3% of the vote• Ron Guidry, 4.9% of the vote• Willie Randolph, 1.1% of the vote• Graig Nettles, 4.7% of the vote• Darrell Evans, 1.7% of the vote• Buddy Bell, 1.7% of the voteNow let me make clear right up front: I'm not saying that any of these players belongs in the Hall of Fame. I do think a handful of them belong, but that's not what I'm arguing here

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