The Boog Powell Card

Dancing with the Stars

*Sometimes, I convince myself that I remember the Reds uniforms too.

*Pruitt is one of only four players -- Ricky Williams, Willie Ellison and Mercury Morris are the other three -- who rushed for EXACTLY 1,000 yards in a season.

Michael Schur remembers

*My mother just told me that she saw the publisher of Refundle Bundle on some shopping network show, so apparently this still exists.

**While she was focused on refunds, Mom was (on the side) also a world-class coupon clipper. One year, the local supermarket was going out of business and so offered triple-coupon value (with the much appreciated "Full Value" caveat, meaning that if the item was 40 cents and you had a 15-cent coupon they would multiply it by three and credit your account five cents). My mother reached into her coupon files (seriously) and bought about $120 worth of groceries for $2.10. 

*In case you want to make your own Topps bubble gum, here are the ingredients: Dextrose; corn syrup; gum base (to make the gum scratch your tongue raw); softeners (I love how they don't even say what those "softeners" are, they are just "softeners"  -- they didn't work anyway; the gum was harder than diamonds); natural and artificial flavors (there are NO natural flavors in there, come on); artificial colors and something called BHT, which stands for Butylated Hydroxytoluene. This was used, the package says, "to maintain freshness." Here, according to The Good Human, are a few of the dangers of BHT:

• Combustible.

• Ingestion calls abdominal pain, confusion, dizziness, nausea, vomiting.

• This substance is harmful to aquatic organisms.

My favorite of those, unquestionably, is "combustible." And we're worried about players using steroids?  

1976 Boog Powell

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*For these very reasons, Boog Sciambi remains one of my favorite baseball announcers.

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