Design by Committee

I write a little something over at Sports On Earth about the three new Hall of Famers -- an umpire that became a manager and then an umpire again, a Tammany Hall politician who wouldn't pay DiMaggio, and a barehanded catcher who believed that the earth is flat -- and talk a bit about how Baseball Hall of Fame is REALLY constructed rather than how people seem to think it is constructed.

So, if you happen to see this post first, I pose for you a question:

What percentage of the Hall of Fame do you think is comprised of players voted in by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Put your answer below, and then check over at SOE to see see how close you got. I've got something about more about this coming.

I also have a massive Springsteen piece off his Oakland concert last Friday.

And something about the Kansas City Royals one last chance to make it real.

And something about one of my favorite NBA players.

And something about one of the three best single-sport announcers in the history of a the game.

And, who knows, maybe something about the Washington Nationals rotation with Dan Haren in it.

And something about beer.